1. ralfyguy's Avatar
    I did a little more research and testing on the problem I had that all of the sudden I had problems backing up my PB. Never had any problem with that before.
    I wish somebody else could confirm that, when you cache maps in the Magellan Compass app and you get to about 300MB worth and then try to run a backup, it will fail about half way through the backup process.
    If you cache about 500MB worth, then the backup fails a little sooner.
    If you have over 1GB cached, the backup fails before it even can start to run,.as it already fails trying to read what it's about to back up.
    Under 1GB you can still at least do a selective backup like settings, but not the application data. Above that and you may not even be able to select that.
    I have tried this now the fifth time with hard reboots and reinstalling and caching from scratch, even making sure it is in a spot where it can maintain a GPS signal.
    It will not work, no matter what. It will not let me back up the PB anymore.
    And by the way the restore function won't work either.
    In most cases it will not even he to just delete and clear the cache and maps, I had to uninstall it completely.
    Why does it apparently have to store this within the app and not in a dedicated data folder?
    I have the older Magellan app that runs with Google maps.and still find it superior in finding locations and doing driving instructions, and I bought the newer version because of the map caching ability primarily, not so much for the voice commands.
    That really sucks and makes it now officially a failure to me. If I have to choose between caching maps or backup, then it makes this app utterly worthless.
    08-18-12 09:28 AM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    Have your sent this info to Magellan? I think I wrote where you first mentioned this, that I had a similar issue with another mapping program. I don't know all the in's and out's of the backup process but it appears to be overwhelmed by either the sheer number of files that these caching apps create or the size of the caching.

    Again, possibly a developer could have more impact contacting rim and addressing this problem. It is not limited to magellan, I don't think.

    I guess I should try backups again now since I've got the Osmand mapping program and cached some maps but frankly, I've really given up on backups. They are unreliable and then I read that if you've changed OS's, the backup/restore will probably fail anyway!
    08-18-12 09:53 AM
  3. ralfyguy's Avatar
    Yeah the backups ARE unreliable. The only thing that seems to be important to me about them is the settings part. This way you get your UI customization back the way it was, at least that, because it's annoying to figure this back the way it was.
    08-18-12 11:28 AM