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    Hello Everyone!

    So RIM decided to ship the PlayBook and half assed their love for the Mac community. There are some of us that would like to be able to sync our iTunes playlists with our new toy just like we can with our phones.

    I found a script online that lets the user export the files from a playlist and have it copy to a folder. I've made some modifications to the script so that it's more user friendly and so that it allows multiple playlist selections.

    The script works right from within iTunes and requires no editing, unless you wanted to tweak it a bit.

    Here's how it works:

    Download the script file and install it to /Users/[your username]/Library/iTunes/Scripts/
    **if the folder doesn't exist then create it.

    From within iTunes you will now have a little "scroll" icon in the tool bar. Click on the icon and then select "Sync Playlist Files". A pop up box will appear, select the playlist you want to sync (hold command to select multiple) and then press ok. The script will copy the files to your PlayBooks "music" folder.

    Some things you need to know:
    1. If you load the script up in Apple Script Editor, I have given the options for a little customization.
      • You can change the path of the playbook, in case you aren't using the default (I have no idea how you would change the playbooks default path though).
      • When the script copies files to the PB it puts them in a folder called "Playlist - [name of playlist]"; I give the option to change what the folder is prefixed with.
      • By default, the script will give you audio queues as to what its doing (creating folders, copying tracks, etc...), i give the option to disable this
      • You can also specify which playlists you DO NOT want to appear in the selection list from within iTunes.
    2. Make sure the music app on your PB is closed, this will prevent errors.
    3. The original script was written by Doug Adams at dougscripts.com

    Change Log:

    v1.03 May 3rd, 2011
    -Audio Queues and Path to PlayBook can now be set at runtime

    v1.02 April 26th, 2011
    -Added playlit creator. Generates .m3u file within playlist folder, retaining song order

    v1.011 April 26th, 2011
    -Fixed bug that threw UTF error (stopped script)
    -Fixed error that resulted in files not transfering (oops!)

    v1.01 April 26th, 2011
    -Added ability to select playlist(s) from within iTunes
    -Added audio queues
    -Added folder prefix
    -Added list of playlists to delete

    Any comments, suggestions and bug reports are apreciated!
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    04-26-11 03:17 AM
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    m3u files are how playlists are managed on the playbook.
    If you have the following mp3s copied to the media share:
    music/my favorite band/01 first song.mp3
    music/my favorite band/02 second song.mp3
    music/worst band/01 crap.mp3

    And you want the first 2 songs in a playlist called favorite, create a text file called favorite.m3u with the following contents:
    music/my favorite band/01 first song.mp3
    music/my favorite band/02 second song.mp3
    And copy it to the media store (music/ folder would make most sense).

    Also, I'm pretty sure you can pick up entire chunks of your iTunes library wholesale and copy them directly over to the device. The embedded album/artist/title in each song will be used to sort the files.
    04-26-11 03:47 AM
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    Thanks! I'll try and get the M3U thing working in the next little while!

    And ya, I knew the drag and drop thing worked, but this is so easier because it will manage the folders for you and it's just like, 3 clicks. But to each their own
    04-26-11 03:54 AM
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    thanks for putting in the effort
    also, fyi, you don't need to escape whitespace in the m3u files it seems. had me confused at first.
    04-26-11 03:57 AM
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    So I updated the script (twice actually) to fix a few bug thats appeared when I saved it... god know what the **** happened. And while I was at it, thanks to the help of JustAnotherBeerbot, I managed to get the playlist creation working.

    A .m3u file is created in the playlist directory and even puts the songs in the same order as they appear in iTunes! This is for sure, hands down better than drag and drop now.

    Let me know what you guys think!
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    04-26-11 09:10 AM
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    nice. will give it a try tonight.
    04-26-11 02:20 PM
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    Very nice just what I was looking for
    04-26-11 04:48 PM
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    It's a shame copying files to the playbook is so slow -_-
    04-27-11 01:13 AM
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    how would i modify this script to send the files to the playbook over wifi if it is already mounted as a drive
    04-30-11 12:04 PM
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    you would need to check the mount name for the pb.

    load up terminal and then type "cd /Volumes"

    when i had the pb plugged in via usb and mounted by wifi i had "media" and "media-1"

    then just load the script in to Apple Script Editor and change the variable for the pb's location, default value is set to "media:music" and is located near the top of the script.
    04-30-11 12:52 PM
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    I updated the script so that the audio queues can be enabled or disabled at run time instead of in the code. I realized that some times its nice to have them and others not so much and opening and editing the code each time is a pain.

    Also, I let the PlayBooks path be edited at runtime, just seems to be useful. Yet the default value should be good 99.9% of the time.
    05-03-11 02:27 PM
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    sticky this!
    05-05-11 08:21 PM
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    Sounds like a new App World app to me!!!

    Great job and thanks for sharing your efforts!
    05-05-11 10:39 PM
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    I assume material bought from iTunes will not play on the PlayBook.

    I ran the script using a playlist my son has in iTunes. It transferred all his songs, but only the one which we have the cds for will play or show up on the Playbook. Songs purchased off iTunes are transferred, but don't show up in the music app on the Playbook, so can't be played.

    05-09-11 02:52 PM
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    Nice! Thanks for the effort!
    06-04-11 09:13 AM
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    okay this confused me for a while but, i think you mean audio "cue" rather than "queues" ..

    EDIT: Ok little suggestion:

    Problem: Since I want to sync my Most Played list and a few other lists, some songs are in multiple playlists, doesn't make sense to make multiple duplicates of the same song just to put it in another playlist.

    Solution: So make the script put all the music files and playlist files in one folder. and set it to skip existing files. This way playlists will be playlists, with no duplicate on music files.
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    06-04-11 09:23 AM
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    i would love that to be done
    06-05-11 05:18 AM
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    hi there, maybe i just dont understand how the srcipt works completely, but after i select my playlist the audio queue just seems to start counting ..1,2,3, etc...i cancelled it after it got to around 100 and checked my playbook and all my playlist seemed to be there with my music so im just kinda confused..any help would be greatly apreciated!!
    12-26-11 10:21 AM
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    This is quite an old thread. The current versions of the Blackberry Desktop Manger will sync iTunes to the Playbook. If you have older iTunes purchased music with DRM, there is a link in the iTunes help and FAQ section that will open up a page with the option of upgrading your existing DRM music.

    I gave my wife a Playbook for Christmas and yesterday we transferred all her iTunes music to her PlayBook without any problems.
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    12-26-11 11:00 AM