1. princessleahm's Avatar
    Hi all,

    Please be gentle with me, I've done a cursory search and haven't found anything and I'm a working mom of a toddler so I don't have time to comb through the forums.

    My issue is my toddler managed to lock the content settings on Blackberry World. From my searches I know the only way to fix this is to do a security wipe but when I connected my Playbook to my Mac to do a backup my Playbook won't backup! I tried to at least import my media but that's not working either. I do the import and I see the import file but then when I disconnect the Playbook the import file disappears. Both my Playbook and Blackberry Desktop are up to date.

    How can I back up my Playbook or at least import my media so I can do a security wipe to reset my Blackberry World content settings?

    04-04-14 08:01 PM
  2. SCrid2000's Avatar
    Easiest thing to do if you're just concerned about media is to drag and drop the device memory onto your computer, wipe your PlayBook, and the drag/drop it back.
    04-04-14 10:26 PM
  3. ConnyTrarian's Avatar
    Princess, I use Scrid's approach all the time. Works faster than Desktop Manager in my opinion. I use WiFi normally (and I don't even need to remember where I put my Playbook!)

    If you haven't done it check out this page for info:
    KB26068-How to transfer files to and from the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet and BlackBerry 10 smartphone
    04-04-14 10:42 PM
  4. pacoman03's Avatar
    There is another reason to manually backup media files, besides speed (and USB transfers are generally faster that wifi). If you use Desktop Software to backup, and your backup file becomes corrupted for some reason (and it has happened) all of your media is now GONE. Anyhow, as to the OP's original question, you might need some mac users to help you, but if all else fails, you could install the Box app from app world and transfer your media to the cloud. This can take quite awhile though, if you have a lot of media to backup.
    04-04-14 11:15 PM

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