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    Was thinking about picking up an LTE version of the playbook as a backup for when my current non LTE version dies. I've found on my current model sometimes android apps seem to fail from a lack of memory or force close. Does the higher speed processor help apps run better and more reliably, or could I just buy the non LTE and use the bridge? Anybody have any experience with this?

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    01-23-15 08:29 AM
  2. anon1727506's Avatar
    Doubt the processor speed bump is going to change anything with regards to memory problems. The runtime on the last PlayBook update... just wasn't nearly as good as what we have today on BB10.

    As I assume you are looking at used PlayBooks... there are times the LTE version is just a cheap.

    Personally, I'd put the money toward a newer device with better features and more compatibility.
    01-23-15 09:04 AM
  3. jamescarruthers's Avatar
    Blaze did a video comparing the two and the 4G one did load pretty much everything faster. You can probably search for it... it might have been on YouTube or hosted here, I can't remember.

    I'm considering the same in order to get a better browser experience.

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    01-23-15 09:44 AM
  4. Leatherfacez10's Avatar
    Browsing Internet is considerably faster than the Wifi model.

    Android apps run better, but there are no extra enhancements to the runtime.

    Wifi signal reception is also stronger on the LTE than the Wifi model.

    Battery life is comparable when using wifi but not as good when on 3G or 4G of course.

    Screen is the same, but the LTE is a little less white than the Wifi model.

    Also, the power button on top is MUCH easier to turn on and off than the Wifi model.

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    01-23-15 09:47 AM
  5. tony morris consulting's Avatar
    Invest in the LTE. I bought one when my wifi one took the plunge, and, I am quite pleased with it. I really do wonder why didn't I get this one first.
    01-23-15 05:04 PM
  6. netzen7's Avatar
    Lte much better in my opinion. I use mine bridged most of the time. Performance is better. Only reason I would consider other is if you need 64 over 32gb for video or music storage. For me, productivity apps are much smoother on the faster cpu. I have a pay as you go sim in mine but rarely use cellular when bridge works fine.
    01-23-15 05:45 PM
  7. tovento's Avatar
    Assuming you know what you are getting into (you already have a playbook) and assuming minimal price premium for the LTE, would be worth picking up the faster processor and more memory.
    01-26-15 09:22 AM

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