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    OK.....So I'm hoping to be one of those rare posts that aren't about a lot of things that are going wrong with my PB.
    I am a Youth Pastor that bought my PB specifically to run the Youth Group. With Videos, Powerpoints, Pictures.....whatever. I did find that out of the box, I needed a little tweeking and an accesory or two. We have an older VGA projector with no HDMI input. After scouring the net, I was able to find a Samsung Micro HDMI to VGA dongle. It's not a powered cable and it works perfectly!!!! I run my audio out from my PB headphone jack to our sound board (cable accesory number 2), and I am up and running with full Audio/Video!! In presenter mode, I can have powerpoint or pictures on the movie screen while reading my sermon notes on my PB. The kids also think "its the coolest thing ever". so that gives even more brownie points. I had issues connecting my dinosaur Mac to my PB at first, but after some Mac software upgrades i've got that problem solved as well. Still can't get the PB and Mac to sync wirelessly, but USB is faster anyways. So moving files to PB is no problem at all. Just wanted to give a positive update
    03-01-12 12:37 PM
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    Hi there
    I'm a Christian Pastor kn the UK.
    I got my PB at Christmas past and have gradually begun to use it in my ministry.
    My only concern is the possibility of the device breaking down some how or freezing during my message.

    Can you see what I mean?
    I guess I need to trust the Lord more.

    PS I also love life...

    03-01-12 12:49 PM
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    Living life to the fullest with the lovely good things around you. I aprove that.
    03-01-12 01:51 PM
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    Cool story...

    The technology is there. If we don't use it then it's our own fault.
    03-01-12 01:53 PM