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    If you're competing with the iPad mini based on price, you're telling people to buy the BlackBerry PlayBook | iMore.com

    Some Sense

    Although it makes it out that teh only reason you would get a PB is price, thats half the reason i got one and i would never replace it now, it also highlights the strength of BB10. All in all PB comes out smelling of Roses
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    12-24-12 05:16 AM
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    about time someone spoke sense. Common sense prevails
    12-24-12 05:40 AM
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    Love how he makes it sound like the mini in the specs is the only 1080p unit, sorry but playbook has been that forever. Guess he was afraid to show that the minipad at 330 dollars is STILL playing catch up.
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    12-24-12 07:24 AM
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    about time someone spoke sense. Common sense prevails
    Honestly, I find Rene Ritchie to be the antithesis of Apple fanboys. In the stuff I've seen him write, it's always logical, balanced, and fair. He doesn't do the stereotypical iFanboy thing of sneering down his nose at other platforms and he doesn't make excuses when something doesn't work right.

    I read recently that when the Canadian media wants an expert opinion on Apple in Canada, they choose Rene. I can totally see why. (And not just because of what he said about the PlayBook). He's the only "iJournalist" I follow on twitter.
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    12-24-12 07:29 AM
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    I agree... Rene is a true find for Mobile Nations and his podcasts on iMore are interesting to watch. Honestly I don't spend a lot of time on other MN as I'm not a fan of the others but when I want a solid and honest review of an Apple product...Rene is the choice.
    12-24-12 08:50 AM

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