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    I own several tablets like the iPad (hate it!), Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 7, HTC Flyer and some low budget tablets - but the one that is always with me is the Playbook. I really love this tablet!

    The performance of this tablet is great. If I compare the video quality of the Playbook and the Galaxy Tab then the Playbook is superior. Also the gestures are superb. A lot of times I swipe up on my Android tablet to close a app but that doesn't work obvious

    Some games which I have bought on my Android tablet and also on my Playbook (Reckless Racing, Reckless Getaway, Asphalt 6, Deadspace, 9MM, Samurai II, Shadowgun) plays better on my Playbook. I know that the graphics are sometimes better (well it's damn close) on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 - but 10 inch isn't that great to play games.

    The sound - oh man the sound!! - really good quality from those tiny speakers.

    Well there are a lot of cons and pros - but if I had to choose from all my tablets one to take with me on a desert island (with WiFi ) then it definitely would be the mighty Playbook.
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    10-05-12 03:22 AM
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    Glad to know you are loving your PlayBook. While I personally haven't owned any other tablets (so I'm little biased), I think that the PlayBook is a pretty solid tablet. It's good to hear it from somebody who has used a range of other devices in the same range.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment.
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    10-05-12 08:12 AM

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