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    Recently there have been news all around that Apple and Google with their iOS and Android platforms let app creators to access private data such as phonebooks, etc. Now Apple is saying that they will put the option so the user choose to grant or denied permission to access this data. Since I have BBs, RIM has always put that option not only for phonebooks, but for GPS, etc. That is the reason why RIM is not mentioned. I think this is a good opportunity for RIM to go out and says what they have done since whenever. I think is a good marketing opportunity. Just my thoughts.

    Android Dodges Apple iOS Address Book Debacle: But not by Much | PCWorld

    iPhone apps storing contact lists just the latest privacy debacle in the mobile industry - iPhone app article - Brad Spirrison | Appolicious iPhone and iPad App Directory
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    02-16-12 06:23 PM
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    Alec Saunders commented on this via Twitter more or less saying ...Duh, BB has done this forever... For good reason!
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    02-16-12 08:32 PM