1. shaunj539's Avatar

    Last night I lost my 9900 in a crazy drunken night..
    Since then, I haven't been able to contact anyone and only now do I realise how much I'll like native E-mail on my Playbook! Pressing refresh on a webmail Gmail isn't nice at all.

    I miss bridge, hopefully I'll speak to a few people and get it back, but I'm really tempted to just splash and get the white one!
    02-11-12 07:02 PM
  2. auditman's Avatar
    didn't you install blackberry protect? Maybe I can see where it is?
    02-11-12 07:17 PM
  3. shaunj539's Avatar
    Yeah I did install Protect, but when I tried calling the phone an hour or two after I realized it was gone it was off. Tried to locate when I got home but it said it was unable to view the location, and couldn't even display a message on the screen..
    02-11-12 07:20 PM
  4. canuckvoip's Avatar
    didn't you install blackberry protect? Maybe I can see where it is?
    My thoughts exactly. It is an awesome tool!
    02-11-12 07:20 PM
  5. byul's Avatar
    ahww sorry to hear about that, well if someone smart got your phone.
    you can pretty forget it, and therefore it's lost. only thing you can do is blacklist it.
    or add yourself on BBM with someone else device and pretend to be a hot chick.
    and contact each other and you want to see each other lol.
    then try to convince that person to give it back, or give that person the worst nightmare and beat em up lol.
    well i guess someone has found your lovely 9900. i don't think you will get it back anymore.
    well i'm not sure do you have insurance?
    02-11-12 07:21 PM
  6. jasperlin's Avatar
    did you not sign up for blackberry protect? it was one of the setup icons!

    you can track your device via gps, lock it remotely, or send a message to the phone. you can even get your phone to scream out loud!


    good luck man.

    edit: sorry, i didn't see those subsequent messages. it look me too long to write this one.

    if someone finds it and charges it, then protect might work again. why don't you wait a bit and try it later on?
    02-11-12 07:22 PM
  7. shaunj539's Avatar
    I cancelled it two months ago..

    See the thing is, I feel I may be able to find it because we was in a club with minimal people inside. And I'm sure I must have left it in the bathroom. It was literally only my group of friends and females inside. I'll transform into a detective tonight. I need it back

    Yeah I definitely made sure Protect was functioning! I may try the BBM trick. My Playbook now feels so lonely when I traveled on buses today..
    02-11-12 07:27 PM
  8. albee 1's Avatar
    Friends don't let Blackberry's drive drunk!
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    02-11-12 07:46 PM
  9. Tõnis's Avatar
    Man, that sucks! I hope you find it. But if you don't, the only thing to do is get another.
    02-11-12 07:49 PM
  10. shaunj539's Avatar
    Have to get it before 2.0 comes out otherwise I will be annoyed I can't use that beautiful keyboard with my HDTV from the get go!

    Black or white guys
    02-11-12 07:54 PM
  11. byul's Avatar
    blackblack! haha well if you can manage to get it before OS2.0 that would be lovely.
    but meanwhile if i was you i wouldn'tt let the old lost device down, try to recover it if possible.
    well what is your personal favorite color right now? deep in side your mind which one would you favor haha!
    02-11-12 07:58 PM
  12. madman0141's Avatar
    I'm sure there isa local PBABD in your neighborhood. You will probably have to attend weekly meetings.
    PBABD-PlayBooks Against Bridging Drunk
    02-11-12 08:02 PM
  13. shaunj539's Avatar
    Not sure! I LOVE the black look of the 9900. It has to be one of the most gorgeous phones ever made. Elegant and professional. But there is also something about the white one which is making me think twice..

    I miss it so much!

    The past 24 hours have made me see how truly amazing Bridge is & also how integrated I've let it be in my daily routine...

    Having no BBM right now is also very irritating!

    I wish I never went out last night. Lucky I decided the Playbook can stay and look after the Fort!
    02-11-12 08:06 PM
  14. soren203's Avatar
    sorry to hear that must suck
    02-11-12 08:21 PM
  15. byul's Avatar
    hahah well it has happend, so be positive and go on! well i'm sure you can work out with the color that suits you the best.
    i gotta say i like my 9900 more in black when i compare it with a white one. *my favor uhoh*
    gotta feel with you, without a 9900 in that past 24 hours and not able to use all the functions ahww.
    can imagine how that would feel like. well i gotta say i would favor my PB to be lost first then my 9900 hahaha.
    but i hope i won't jinx myself *looks around and is being more careful right now*
    02-11-12 08:27 PM
  16. albee 1's Avatar
    If lost or damaged your carrier will send out a new one, hopefully it is insured!
    02-11-12 09:05 PM
  17. FF22's Avatar
    Well, you just made me check out how BB Protect works. The Message is fairly useless. But it found my home nicely and the noise it makes was loudly obnoxious.

    Unfortunately, SimpleBrowser+ would not let me log on, it kept saying javascript was disabled. While it was in the initial tab, the others all had it enabled. The regular browser worked.
    02-11-12 09:11 PM