1. geoffrey_reaves's Avatar
    On my newly acquired Playbook I have two albums of pictures which came pre-loaded on the device. One is called "All Pictures" and the other
    "Wallpaper". Both contain the same set of pictures and in both cases the pictures are locked (padlock icon in the bottom right corner when I try to select them for deletion). How can I unlock them? More generally, is there any documentation for the Playbook other than the help screens. The latter seem rather inadequate for such a sophisticated device.
    05-02-13 02:48 PM
  2. Gooseberry Falls's Avatar
    Unfortunately, those pictures are contained within the operating system and the operating system is not available for user access (unless you developer access or root it). There is also a PB demo video that fits this bill. I wouldn't mess with them. There are alot of help and how-tos:
    BlackBerry Playbook Support How To Demo BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet Help 101
    05-02-13 03:28 PM

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