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    Now that 2.0 is out, a great sigh of relief can collectively be heard. I have been harsh on RIM... not to be a troll, but to ensure RIM hears the voice of the customer. The reality now is that they have delivered on a promise. We can argue till we are blue in the face about the timing, the execution, the lack of apps, the pricing, etc. At this point, it is all water under the bridge. I, for one, am pledging to live in the Post-2.0 world and am not going to dig up old arguments that don't apply anymore. By doing this, I am not trying to change or erase the past... but instead live in the present. The reality now is the the burden is on the BB community to rally. 2011 wasn't a good year for RIM... but guess what? It is now 2012 [FACT]. OS 2.0 is out [FACT]. We need to move on and look to the future. These forums have been difficult to read lately and I'm hoping we collectively focus on the future and not be the new problem.
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    02-21-12 04:22 PM
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