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    I've put together a list of stuff I've bought for my Playbook and have shared it on my blog. It's for people in the UK & links to things like a 270 degree USB adapter which won't get in the way of the HDMI output.. useful if you're using external USB storage (with root) and outputting to a TV.

    Just thought the list might come in useful.. it took me a while to find all the right bits at a decent price so it should come in handy for some people.

    Blackberry Playbook: Bargain 7″ Tablet Endpoint

    The holder for the headrest in the car is really good; tried that tonight & it works well.. should keep my son happy on long journeys & replaces the old DVD player
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    02-24-12 01:24 PM
  2. martinbowden's Avatar
    Great post been looking on how to do pen drive thank you just need to root my playbook lol
    02-24-12 01:32 PM
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    Thanks; glad it's useful. Rooting is on my to-do list.. I'm enjoying it without rooting it at the moment.. just enough storage (on the 16Gb version) to keep a list off stuff on there my son will enjoy, but I think for a long holiday it'll be good to add on a 32Gb memory card :-)

    Have had the PB hooked up to the TV tonight with the 5m HDMI cable.. this thing rocks!
    02-24-12 01:39 PM