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    Which one do you use for reinstalling the os? Trying to get back to factory on a second hand playbook. Wallpapers, demo video and Twitter icon back.
    I've tried both link and dm but no luck. I hold button for 10 secs then with dm running plug in the PlayBook, click upgrade but it says no updates available.

    I'm running a virtual machine which could explain the problem so going to try on my work pc tomorrow. Just wondering if it's easier using link.

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    01-26-14 04:25 PM
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    Errr wrong link?

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    01-26-14 04:59 PM
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    Errr wrong link?

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    Don't think so. Rather, it's called SPAM. Reported.
    01-26-14 05:03 PM
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    Never seen anyone successfully answer a post with spam before.

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    01-26-14 05:39 PM
  5. AWB70's Avatar
    Am I missing something here? Every time I get to the update bit I just get no updates available.
    Running a fresh copy of desktop manager. Do you have to backup the PlayBook first? There's nothing I want to keep so haven't done that.

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    01-27-14 01:41 PM
  6. pacoman03's Avatar
    You don't need either Link or DM to reset. You can just do a security wipe from settings/security, and you'll be taken back to an as new Playbook. You won't end up with the stock wallpapers or demo video, though, but both are available for download and linked to on this forum. All that being said, I'd hold off on wiping because BB's update servers seem to be down at the moment.
    01-27-14 02:00 PM
  7. AWB70's Avatar
    Yeah mate, I noticed update server was down in another post I was just looking at. Tried my playbook and mines down as well, would probably explain my issue, dm probably can't download the update to install it.
    Any idea where the vid and wallpaper are. Was also trying to get the twitter icon but I guess it's just a browser link anyway. Hey you never know maybe we'll get a os update and save me the trouble.

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    01-27-14 02:23 PM
  8. pacoman03's Avatar
    Wallpapers https://app.sugarsync.com/iris/wf/D0...hfNjYzODY1MjIx

    Video https://www.sugarsync.com/pf/D0606085_908_663851312

    Be quick, before Sugarsync shuts down my account. The demo video is the original (from OS1) longer demo video.
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    01-27-14 02:45 PM
  9. AWB70's Avatar
    Cheers, actually just found them just before you posted. Having some errors with the wallpapers and the vid still downloading. Maybe should try downloading to pc. Whh they shutting your account?
    01-27-14 02:49 PM
  10. pacoman03's Avatar
    SugarSync is going paid only, and I'm not paying. I've got two free 50 gig Box accounts, one free 25 gig SkyDrive account, and a 5 gig DropBox account, so I don't need them anyway.
    01-27-14 02:57 PM
  11. AWB70's Avatar
    When I was on sugarsync just before there was a free 5gig. Didn't bother signing up, I have box, dropbox and live. I'll upload these files to a torrent for future searchers benefit and save some space. Much appreciated, enjoyed watching the Hi def video again, haven't seen it for ages. It's a bit sad in a way, it reminds me of when I first purchased my PB, the sales person showed me the vid to show how good that screen quality was.
    What could have been eh.
    01-27-14 04:42 PM
  12. SEAWARRIOR's Avatar
    use dm,,, link may not restore all data...
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    01-27-14 04:52 PM
  13. AWB70's Avatar
    Thanks for the tip SW, I'm not looking to restore any data. When it wouldn't work I thought I may have to backup before carrying out the process and that's what might have been stopping me but now I think it may be the software update server being down.
    I might try again when it's back up. If not I'll just have to do security wipe and re add the stuff I just downloaded from paco.

    Hard to tell at the minute, I only have one windows machine working. My two Linux ones I run Windows in a virtual machine so when they playbook reboots the usb connection defaults back to Linux. My work windows the blackberry device manager crashes (always has never solved why) so this is my only one left that's a normal windows machine. Sounds strange that none will work which is what makes me suspect the server.

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    01-27-14 06:45 PM
  14. SEAWARRIOR's Avatar
    Don't do a wipe 'til after they fix the servers...
    01-29-14 07:15 PM
  15. AWB70's Avatar
    Yeah mate just waiting for them to be back up. I'm in no rush, I bought the pb second hand and like to start with a blank canvas but it's running fine as is.

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    01-30-14 02:56 AM
  16. AWB70's Avatar
    Asked blackberry help if they had any time scales but got no reply. I think they've utilised the PlayBook servers to roll out 10.2.1 and may come back as it calms down. Who knows.

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    01-30-14 02:59 AM
  17. AWB70's Avatar
    Managed to wipe the playbook. It would appear the server being down was the problem. While I was there I also did my other playbook. Works on both DM and Link with no apparent advantage to either. Took about the same amount of time. Actually worked on my virtual windows machine as well you just need to keep an eye on it rather than start it off and let it roll.
    Problem with the VM is when the playbook restarts the Host linux machine will reconnect and stop the update process. The way round this is to wait until the PB restarts and as soon as you see the linux machine connecting to the playbook quickly capture the usb connection back to the VM before it has time to fully kick in.
    02-03-14 06:33 AM

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