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    I learn something new almost everyday about the playbook. Most of my findings come from with in this site but sometimes I find things on my own.

    Today - I learned that there is a BlackBerry Skin for the PlayBook. I found this out by accident..... I won a bid on Ebay for what I thought was a New Shoft Shell case. Well when I got my $2.99 (w/shipping) purchase I did a double take. Through the package window it did not look like my current shoft shell case, I put my finger in the little touch hole and it felt rubber like and soft, more like the back of a naked playbook. Then I looked at the box and saw plain as day SKIN. Wow, did not know the thing existed.

    Yesterday - I learned that in the native keyboard if you hold down on letters for a few moments it will display accent letters.

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    08-13-12 04:05 PM
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    Hold down the ".com" key and other Internet domains will show up, if you did not know that.
    08-13-12 07:31 PM
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    Hold down the ".com" key and other Internet domains will show up, if you did not know that.
    Wicked....didn't know that
    08-13-12 07:53 PM
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    something I found recently which I'm sure is a DUH moment for you guys but I didnt know! LOL when U bring down the menu in the calculator app there is a tip calc, scientific calc, and converter calc also!! I just thought it was a plain old cheapy calculator LOL
    08-13-12 08:47 PM
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    haha well I just got to know that you can Sync PlayBook Files with Win7 as offline files and easier way to manager the data. Excellent if you have network.. Just understanding some stuff now..
    08-14-12 02:34 AM
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    couple of my findings.

    close folder on pb using back swipe as you do on android player.
    go to next/ previous song by holding vol up/down button.
    mute volume by long pressing pause button.

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    08-14-12 02:53 AM
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    I did not know about the mute by long pressing pause. That one sounds useful.

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    08-14-12 03:21 AM
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    (Sorry for the preamble)

    I learned something yesterday. While cleaning up some cabling behind my home theater. I unplugged the power cable from the back of my PB's charging dock, and set both the dock and playbook on a coffee table.

    Less than 2 hours later, I was shocked to find the PB's battery went from 100% to 14%!!!

    After charging it back up to 100%, I removed it from the charger, and just set the PB aside, as an experiment.

    After 5 hours of standby with wifi on, it still said 100%. So my earlier issue was definitely the dock "discharging".

    Long story short, an unplugged rapid charging dock seems to rapidly UNCHARGE the PB
    08-14-12 08:05 AM
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    And the VolUp/Down buttons can advance music tracks.
    08-14-12 08:07 AM
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    So true. Yesterday, I learned that 4 habaneros give me the chachas the following morning.
    08-14-12 08:33 AM