1. Blackbartberry's Avatar
    I've had Kindle sideloaded on my Playbook for some time now and It's been working great.
    I'm now getting reminders of an update ( dated Sept. 3rd).
    Is this a good thing ? Does it work ? Will I be causing problems ( crash )?
    Has anyone updated ?
    Thanks for any info.
    09-28-14 03:52 PM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    My suggestion would be to stick with what works! Unfortunately, I don't know what new features you might get or not with the upgrade but if it works.....

    I just upgraded my Costco app for my Z10 and it no longer works!
    09-28-14 04:38 PM
  3. Blackbartberry's Avatar
    Yeah, you're probably right. That's why I asked.
    Unless someone can state that the update is a resounding success I'll probably pass on it.
    09-28-14 06:32 PM
  4. CTU2fan's Avatar
    I'd think it would just send you to the Google Store and a link that won't work.

    Posted via CB10
    09-28-14 08:24 PM
  5. mh1983's Avatar
    Correct, it wouldn't work from within the app -- any working Android app on the PB is converted from APK to BAR format, and runs within an emulator container. As such, hopping from app to Google Play Store isn't possible on the PB.

    I also agree with F2 -- if a sideload is working correctly on the PB, I'd just stick with it. I update a select few (by converting to BAR through Goodereader), but 80% of them I leave as-is.
    09-29-14 10:24 AM

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