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    Hi just got myself a playbook and have side swiped amazon kindle on too it , im new at all , i first put a epub file in the book folder but no joy so then i explored the kindle and placed it in misc , android , kindle folder and still no joy , what am i doing wrong ?


    ps not sure what version kindle it is how do i find out ?

    also how do you scroll back to the main menu if you open up the store menu ?? i have to close the app and reopen it ?

    08-31-12 06:09 AM
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    I'm not sure Kindle reads EPUB
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    08-31-12 06:13 AM
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    oops ?????????

    kindle version is

    ps sussed out how to scroll back , this playbook is so different to android lol


    ok ive placed a kindle file onto it and still no joy , do i place the file in the book folder or misc/android/kindle

    much appreciated

    thanks pacoman03 ive placed the file in the books folder now and all is well , i didnt realise the app didnt play epubs , so have to find a good epub reader now .

    thanks for time
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    08-31-12 06:16 AM
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    I believe Kindle uses .mobi and .azw files, not .epub

    Try "Book Reader" in App World, it reads many formats, including epub.
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    08-31-12 06:26 AM
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    Ooops was there cause I was in the process of changing my original response. See above. But the books go in misc/android/kindle
    08-31-12 06:27 AM
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    You probably canNOT just grab a kindle book that is coded for say your computer or your real kindle and place it on the pb. Amazon codes each book for that specific device. So you either have to use the archive on the pb to download a version to the pb or have removed the drm from the book.
    08-31-12 09:14 AM
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    Don't place anything on your PB. Instead, go to the Amazon Book Store with your app and pick up a couple of free apps and try them out before getting more adventurous. Doc Neutron
    08-31-12 09:33 AM
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    Actually, if the format is right, the app will see the book. Dump your. .mobi files in /misc/android/kindle.

    Project Gutenberg can help there.
    08-31-12 12:42 PM
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    Obviously don't know your locale so unsure of your public library services status.

    But i found out that our PL is big on ebooks, so accessing the elibrary dept. using their Pb compatible software 'partnership' with "OverdriveMediaConsole" , Overdrive inc. Reading material to chk out (for initial 21 days) for the price of a yrly Lib. pass !

    ie http://calgarypubliclibrary.com/books-more/e-library

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    strange problem so going to reset it and start again , i moved the files across to the misc/andriod/kindle folder and all work fine but every time i try to delete the files from the book folder it freezes on my pc and when i use the blackberry desktop software too .

    08-31-12 06:56 PM