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    so i realised it today by trying something on my phone.
    i did a new multiperson chat. invited 2friends who i know have PB.
    so when were bridge to our phone on the pb. we have acces to that chat.
    u need to be a contact to add someone but u dont need to be a contact to everyone in the multiperson chat. and like this we transformed the multi person chat into a group!!!
    i can reply to it from my phone or PB

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    01-17-12 02:22 PM
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    Sadly, thats all thats available to us serious bbm types at launch day + 7 months. I have a permanent multichat on my PB consisting of some group members that were disappointed when the pb bbm was released, discovered it didnt include groups (even now? wth!!?!) and didnt want to go back to the small phone screens.

    One of blackberry's claims to fame and it has been forgotten on their flagship device.
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    01-17-12 03:34 PM
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    The one and only group I have is composed of people I don't have in my contqct list. It is a big "kinda" you got there.
    01-17-12 04:10 PM