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    Let this thread be a place were keyboard issues are discussed so that RIM engineers can read our feedback and make the Playbook more competent.

    ONSCREEN keyboard :
    1. How many times do we try to tap an exact location to edit text, only to end up on the wrong line or a couple letters off to the right or left. Arrows are so painfully missing!!!
    RIM : How about a one key cursor activator : Upon pressing it, a big set of arrows (plus backspace & forward-delete) would replace the onscreen keyboard. This would make editing text so much easier!!!
    2. A front-delete key is needed for fast edits (shift+backspace would take no additional space).

    (I write this as a Canadian who uses French and other languages daily)
    3.a. In french Canada, the keyboard is QWERTY, not AZERTY!!! Selecting language = French and Country = Canada and Keyboard = Automatic gives us an AZERTY keyboard (from France). That's bad.
    3.b. We could fix this by selecting Keyboard = QWERTY, and all would be fine. Except that some of us use more than one language. With QWERTY set as the mandatory keyboard layout, switching to the russian keyboard from the popup keyboard, doesn't work. For the russian alphabet to show up on the keyboard, a trip has to be made to the system settings to select Keyboard = Automatic. But when finished writing in russian, and reverting to the "normal" alphabet, an AZERTY keyboard appears once again. Mightily annoying.
    3.c. We could select language = English to have the QWERTY keyboard appear as the "automatic" default, but when writing in french, the spellchecker thinks every word is misspelled and becomes useless. It seems very easy to fix. RIM is canadian and should know better : the French canadian keyboard layout is QWERTY, not AZERTY!!!

    4. Also, the language of a document and its spellchecker should be selected from the application, not dependant on the system settings.

    Bugs or missing features:
    5. No auto-repeat when using the arrow keys, backspace or delete. You want to erase four words? tap the backspace key 23 times!
    6. When selecting a foreign keyboard, like russian, the external keyboard still outputs the regular A to Z alphabet, despite the onscreen keyboard displaying the cyrillic alphabet.
    7. French, Spanish, etc.: How are we supposed to type accents on the external keyboard? It's more than time to provide that BASIC feature. And when mapping the keyboard, please remember that in Canada, it's the QWERTY layout.

    8. And since external keyboard users are likely to buy small and portable keyboards, which are very likely to be missing the DELETE key, please map the "front-delete" key to SHIFT-BACKSPACE.

    9. Please, please, please, I can't stand fighting with the blue pointers anymore. I want CTRL-X, CTRL-C and CTRL-V. And also Shift click to select.

    10. Let the mouse have a contextual menu when right clicked.
    11. Implement the "hovering" function!!!!
    12. Implement a "open in a new tab, etc." right click menu in the browser. When I hold a link with my finger, it shows up after 2 seconds. With the mouse, it never shows up. Bad.

    SOME GOOD : the scroll wheel actually works in the Browser and in Word to go! The right click, when done on a corner or edge of the screen is equivalent to a swipe from bezel to center. Cool!
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    10-25-11 12:54 AM
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    You may wanna post this on the offical BB forums... I somewhat doubt that they have people checking up on crackberry.com for this kind've suggested improvement (or any).
    10-25-11 01:22 AM
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    The OP should register with the BlackBerry Beta Zone and receive a survey which addresses his specific request as a development feature that Research In Motion is has included in the survey. Registering for the BlackBerry Beta Zone is free.
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    10-25-11 01:37 AM
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    Only one request; implement the TAB (and shift+TAB reverse action) for the fastest form navigation we can get, even with "real" keyboards (and developers, please code accordingly your HTML pages !)
    10-25-11 01:44 AM
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    @Superfly_FR, true, the browser keyboard should come with Tab and shift+Tab.
    @esqlaw and BB9700CA, thanks for the tip, I did as you suggested. Hopefully our voice is heard
    I forgot to mention one more thing.
    Let text selection be done the normal way when a mouse is connected!!!! "Click and hold to the end of the selection" as well as "click and shift-click" should be doable.
    10-27-11 03:05 AM
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    is ther a solution comming with OS2 for external keyboards? I still have the issue, that I can not use my German QWERTZ BT Keyboard. I still get QWERTY.....

    Some solutions?


    03-05-12 09:21 AM
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    I would love to be able to use the full keyboard (with number on top) as my default.
    03-05-12 09:46 AM
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    Me too, but ist ther a way to do it?

    Right now I only get the english KB with my external BT KB!

    03-05-12 10:01 AM
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    These are very good suggestions, and I think a bluetooth keypad would address a lot of these wants. It was stated earlier that a OEM BLUETOOTH KEYPAD would be available close to the release of OS2.0......RIM we are WAITING
    03-05-12 10:08 AM
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    I use the BT KB from HP. It is great, but RIM has the problem not supporting QWERTZ for external KT!!!!!
    03-05-12 11:26 AM
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    Did anybody solved the bluetooth HID keyboards accent marks issue? I am using BB10 and it seems only US keyboard with no accent marks is available.
    06-25-14 08:38 AM
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    Ok Great news!!! BB DO HAVE BT KEYBOARD Layout Setup. It almost works!! I found problems with accents and letters, but I hope they solve them fast.
    By the while, that is great news!!

    PD: The problem is that the driver sends both the accent simbol and the accentuated vowel, so instead of having an you happens to have ' . I did the test with Spanish keyboard and Catalan regional configuration.
    12-05-14 05:00 AM