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    As a newbie to the playbook thing (got one in the past week and love it!!) I wondered if you can answer a couple of questions for me:

    1. Can I get a cheap keyboard for it (for when I'm doing larger scale writing)? I tried a bluetooth keyboard by cerulian and it keeps stopping and starting and is basically unusable. I don't want to use my blackberry phone (when os2 allows us to use them) but would like a mini keyboard. Any suggestions (not too expensive!) for the UK?

    2. I am on a data plan in the UK (virgin media) and I am going off to kenya for 10 days in feb. Can I get a PAYG kenyan sim to put in my blackberry to get data for the playbook - where I am going there is only one place that has wireless and when I was there in feb it was not altogether reliable.

    Thanks for any help

    And by the way the press has been WAY too harsh on the playbook. It really is awesome.
    01-11-12 08:44 AM