1. Jeremy Wong's Avatar
    Has anyone used any keyboards for the 7-inch Blackberry Playbook?

    I'm thinking about buying a keyboard for my new tablet; I'm not a huge fan of the on-screen keyboard.

    I'm thinking I might be using this to take notes or maybe even to write out longer documents on-the-go.

    Is the keyboard my solution or is it only a pipe dream?
    05-15-13 01:47 AM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    There are a number of keyboard threads. Rim/bbry had their own but it seems to have been discontinued (unofficial). It was a very flat, rectangular chicklet type with a trackpad. Some folks really liked it and others did not. There are a number of others that either work/pair well or not so good (connections drop).

    They make the entire affair heavier or less portable but some folks really like REAL keyboards. Some folks do get use to typing on glass.

    And WELCOME.
    05-15-13 09:04 AM
  3. DurdenLunarius's Avatar
    I agree with F2, it's really all up to what works for you. I have the RIM Mini-Keyboard/Convertible Case for myself after 2 years using just the on-screen keyboard. I agree as well that it makes it heavier and that a 7" keyboard is a whole new affair to get used to typing on when we as a whole are used to desktop full-size keyboards.

    If you want to make it official for the PlayBook then you can try to hunt one of these down on eBay, but be prepared to pay a pretty penny as they're not cheap (believe they're only coming from Canada now). Other option is to scour Amazon or the like for cheap bluetooth keyboards, check the reviews on them, or try one or two for yourself to see what works.

    The advantage of a physical keyboard is the mobility of bluetooth - ie: hook the tablet up via HDMI to the tv and sit back on a chair/couch/recliner with the keyboard and still have control over tablet functionality.

    Best of luck to you and welcome aboard.
    05-15-13 09:11 AM

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