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    My brother has bought me a playbook os2 great .He had a new keyboard locked to his playbook 1 we have unlocked it from playbook 1 but my playbook 2 has not plcked up the bluetooth connection .Any suggestions ? Surely RIM allow it to be locked to a new Playbook.
    Thank in anticipation newbie Dave
    06-14-12 03:39 PM
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    Pairing to BlackBerry PlayBook™ tablet
    1. Turn on your keyboard.
    2. On the tablet status bar, tap > Bluetooth. Set the Bluetooth switch to On. Tap Add New Device > Search.
    3. Tap BlackBerry Mini Keyboard.
    4. On your keyboard, type the pairing passkey that appears on the tablet screen. Press the key.
    When the keyboard and the tablet are paired, the LED on the keyboard flashes blue.

    Pair with another tablet
    Press and hold the ctrl key while turning on your keyboard. Release the ctrl key when the LED flashes blue/red.

    Repeat steps 2 to 4.

    I did run into issues trying to get it back to pb1 once paired to pb2. But I may have missed a step.
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    06-14-12 04:16 PM
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    Success kb connected to Playbook 2

    Thanks so much.
    Onward and upwards
    06-14-12 06:01 PM