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    OK, so I just picked up a playbook (64mb)... I have an Android 2.3 HTC phone as well so I was curious to see the difference in some of the things...

    Although I like the playbook, Android pretty much blows a it away in many areas... Functionality, usability, ease of use... pretty much everything... Firstly, there are tons more apps and games available. My young daughter loves to play games and really there are not many good games available for the pb, that kids like these days...She'll hear about a game from one of her friends at school that has an ipad or ipod, then she'll tell me, sure enough there is a droid version she can download and play on my phone, and almost always it's for free too. We check the bb appworld... nope, notta... Once in a blue moon she finds something she likes there... I've had to sideload some of the converted droid games,what a pain to have to do this...

    Then, ever tried to set up a hotmail account on pb?? Have fun!! On my droid, it's like 1-2-3 and done... PB, still haven;t got it set up and I have checked all the forums and found lots of other folks with the same issues and have even tried suggested fixes to no avail...

    THe keyboard is ok, but my droid blows it away with copy/cut/paste functionality, arrow keys up down, right and left - it's just way more functional than the playbook.

    Ever hooked your pb up to your pc??? It is the slowest thing on the planet!! Holy crap!!! What is going on there???

    No Netflix app??? Are you serious??? What is up with that??? That was almost a show stopper for me before I bought the pb!!!!

    You know something RIM could have done with their pb?? How about one of those little sound systems that actually sounds fantastic when you set it on a hard surface?? With a device the size of the pb, they should have been able to come up with a better sound system on it... And that would have been a great marketing opportunity too because really I don't know of any other devices out there (various droid phones and tablets, iphone, ipod etc...)that have good sound coming from their speakers - unless you wear the headphones of course...

    I hope that the new OS can resolve some of these issues and that somehow RIM can start to get developers creating more apps and games for the PB as well. I've heard something about an Android player for PB but is that only going to be available in bb10 or is that available now - and does that mean I can use my bb as if it were a droid as far as downloading droid games and playing them???

    Lets hope that RIM can get their stuff together because they are a great Canadian company but are being left in the dust by droid and apple when it comes to phones and tablets as far as I can see, and I've got both pb and droid and worked on the others... I want to support rim by using their products but they have to get in the game, plain and simple...

    Thx for letting me vent...
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    Return it and get an iPad. Done and done.
    09-13-12 09:44 PM
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    First welcome to Crackberry. Second, don't let a technology frustrate you so much. If it is not for you don't use it.
    09-13-12 09:48 PM
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    Return it and spare us all another rant, lol.
    09-13-12 09:51 PM
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    You sir are the webster definition of "uninformed consumer". You bought a blackberry product then complain about apps?!...... Wow. lol
    09-13-12 09:53 PM
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    Locked before the flameage. Sorry OP, nothing personal.
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