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    I was editing my notes the other day and find it really hard to use without the arrow keys.
    I couldn't cut and paste text to the exact location. And I went online did some searching, seems a lot of people were having similar problem.
    But then I suddenly remember the gestures used for selecting text and to move around the text. And there should be more to it.

    I know how to move the text cursor around, by tap on the text and drag the pointer, and select the text by press and hold the word I wish to select. What I then found out is I could tap the pointer again, to do paste or enter into selection mode. I could also select the text by tap with two fingers, which represent start and end of selection!

    With this two extra gestures, I really don't need any arrow keys. However these new gestures only works on certain software, such as Inbuilt browser, Docs to go, Conqu and other more. Other user made note taking software seems didn't work.

    Here is a list of gestures that the demo didn't show. By the way, I believable it would be a better experience with playbook, if the help topics for playbook could be more detailed. The playbook that I got, only has two basic help topics, it taught me how to swipe between applications and how to bring out the setting, it didn't teach me anything else!

    Useful gestures:
    To go back from the application's menu, swipe from center bottom bar to left of your screen. Sometimes you cant go back? try this gesture!
    To bring up the time and power icon, swipe from left top bar to center of your screen.
    To bring up the keyboard swipe from left bottom bar to center of your screen.
    Hold caps button for a second allows you to enter cap mode, tap again to exit.
    Press and hold buttons like R or T gives you trademark symbols.

    Just relaise I dont need arrow keys,the virtual keyboard is just awesome.-common-word-prediction.jpg
    Common word prediction also uses your existing docs as database! Really cool. I would also suggest RIM to allow more input mode for all languages around the world, such as Chinese, Japaneses Korean and Arabic.

    Critical part:
    Tap once on the text to show the pointer.
    Tap with two finger on the text, starts selection between your fingers. Tap backspace to delete the selected text.
    Drag one of the selection pointer to the other, allows them combine and become the normal pointer.
    Tap the pointer to paste or enter selection mode.
    Drag the Pointer to move around the text cursor.
    Rotate the screen to portrait mode to allow thumb typing with greater speed while holding the device.

    Text cursor: where you type

    Just relaise I dont need arrow keys,the virtual keyboard is just awesome.-pointer.jpg
    Pointer: see image above

    Just relaise I dont need arrow keys,the virtual keyboard is just awesome.-selection-pointer.jpg
    Selection Pointer: see image above
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    Yeah, that is all covered in the PB user guide, but Dude, seriously, you really, really, really want the BB mini keyboard if you do lot of editing!!! The little device is worth it just because it let you see your document full screen while editing, without having the virtual keyboard taking half of the screen all the time + everyting else you can do with it!
    Exsmple, while working in docs to go, with the mini keyboard, not only will you type 4 times faster, but you'll be able to use all they keyboard shortcut you used to use in words, i.e. Ctrl+a, ctrl+c, ctrl+x, ctrl+v, ctrl+arrow.... Its awesome....
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