12-29-15 07:40 PM
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  1. ruben1975's Avatar
    Still do, but mostly by my 4 year old son, watching cartoons and playing games. I sometimes use it but the browser is terrible and the sound is no good, out of the blue it is at is maximum...
    And I use it with my BlackBerry music gateway for listing music on my stereo.

    Posted via CB10
    07-28-15 11:21 AM
  2. tovento's Avatar
    I still throw mine in my bag and use it on my commute: ebooks or movies. Surfing is a little painful (slow), but can deal with it. Also hook it up to the stereo and stream music. Not a whole lot else I really use it for. If I'd start driving to work instead of taking public transit, this would get minimal use. I honestly wouldn't mind an MS surface, but the price point is a little high for me at this point.
    07-28-15 03:11 PM
  3. AllanQuatermain's Avatar
    yes still use my Playbooks mainly as audio/video player, browsing is slow but usable and battery is still ok,
    a shame it was abandoned, but like the 9900 it is still here and not going away just yet.
    07-28-15 04:58 PM
  4. GHOSTRlDER's Avatar
    We have 3 playbooks in our household. 2 x 64GB and 1 x 16GB. My boys (3 & 8) use theirs on every family trip for movies and randomly off and on for various games. Since 2011 when I purchased the first one for a lot of money and shortly after buying my oldest his, it's been a critical link with my family for my military deployments. I can't think of a more elegant solution for my circumstances. When I have access to the internet I am up, running and using Blackberry's video chat with my family in seconds (works well with my Passport too). It's small enough to fit in our standard issue cargo pockets and knowing it has been FIPS 140-2 certified allows me to feel confident that my tablet is as secure as a tablet can be. We have several other tablets in our household including my wife's dust collecting ipad2 replaced by a kindle 7HD which is a great solution for her needs. She also since ditched her iPhone which Apple makes it very clear they do not want to lose their long standing customers. She still thinks some of her texts are going to her old iPhone. :-) I own and field tested many of the most popular tablets and there is just something about the blackberry flow which makes it my favorite OS. I can't thank blackberry enough for providing a secure video chat solution which works in about every low internet access country/environment when any other solution is unable to even connect. Blackberry must have a super-thin client because when others I'm with say there is not enough bandwidth to video chat their jaws drop when I have a crystal clear video chat running. When the bandwidth does drop it will start to cut in and out, but often it recovers without dropping the call. Even when it does its a quick call back I have recommended this solution to many military members because even now you can get 2 new (64GB) playbooks (Amazon) for $200 or less depending on timing. That's a cheap investment for a device with such great build quality. I stream Amazon prime movies (when I do have decent internet) with the HDMI out.
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    07-29-15 05:35 AM
  5. Old_Mil's Avatar
    Still using mine, but less than I did before I got my Z30.

    Posted via CB10
    07-31-15 12:05 AM
  6. the_real_mikeyb's Avatar
    Love it! Still use it daily as my 64GB PlayBook with the music gateway as a media player. Got my favourite tunes on it

    Posted via CB10
    07-31-15 05:26 AM
  7. ssbtech's Avatar
    Where's the poll? Misleading thread title

    No, I haven't used mine for quite a while. I have a Dell Venue 8 Pro that I bought for half the price of the PlayBook, and it does much, much more. The ONLY tablet I'll consider moving forward is one that will run full desktop Windows applications.
    07-31-15 03:07 PM
  8. leojzueg's Avatar
    I got mine in 2010. I still used it everyday. I check email. Craiglist. Backpages.com I use Zino for magazines and kobo app for books. I watch YouTube. I use the BlackBerry Bridge to chat on BBM when I'm charging my BlackBerry Classic. I play a few games like solitaire and Samurai Vengeance. But I'm a simple guy and I have simple needs.

    Posted via CB10
    07-31-15 10:30 PM
  9. lilituc's Avatar
    I use it every day at work because it (mostly) does what I want and I don't have to pay any extra. At home I mainly use it for streaming.
    08-01-15 03:15 PM
  10. SomeoneOrOther's Avatar
    Same here. It's also a great Nobex radio app player, and for displaying recipes in the kitchen. I'm holding off on buying another tablet...hoping BB/RIM makes another one, and Chen has expressed interest in developing one. But if I couldn't wait, it'd be an iPad.
    08-01-15 04:59 PM
  11. jh07's Avatar
    Every night. My wife hates the TV on. Amazon prime works great. There are a lot of free movie and TV streaming sites that work great. I have stereo tube app and there is a lot of shows to watch on YouTube. I purchased a third one from Amazon a few months ago for $65? My grandson in Guam has one, I'm in Florida and we always Video Chat. A lot clearer than Skype. The Playbook for the most part is far from being a dinosaur for me.

    Posted via CB10
    08-02-15 01:29 AM
  12. Asdic Ping's Avatar
    Still use mine on a daily basis to record expenses, surf the internet etc. I have it bridged to my 9810 which for me works great for answering emails, BBM's, texts and surfing the web when there is no wifi available.
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    08-03-15 07:54 AM
  13. rotorwrench's Avatar
    Already commented on in several threads, the most recent being : http://forums.crackberry.com/blackbe...015-a-1024773/
    08-08-15 01:34 AM
  14. khampasong's Avatar
    I use it with my school projector and as a video camera for sports practice and analysis.

    Posted via black passport
    08-09-15 02:52 PM
  15. tony morris consulting's Avatar
    I still use it a lot actually. It is still useful. I have the 32gb LTE, since my 64gb went out last year, and I am truly content. It is all on the individual.
    09-16-15 04:20 PM
  16. Chaplain_Clancy's Avatar
    Still preach from it, use it to run education sessions, browse documentation, listen to music. It hasn't let me down and I don't see it letting me down for a while yet.
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    09-17-15 06:30 PM
  17. lilituc's Avatar
    Mine just broke (after daily nearly-continuous use for four years) so I got another one.
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    09-17-15 06:32 PM
  18. tovento's Avatar
    I still use mine for my commute home; watch videos and read ebooks. The odd time I'll surf around a bit, but it is slow. Kids still use it for games as well. Sometimes works well as a second screen to look at things while I compose emails on my Z10, etc. I've gotten nearly 3 years out of it (2012 Black Friday purchase) and feel that it's served its purpose well. For just commuting needs, I can't justify replacing it until it stops working right now. Have better things to spend money on.
    09-18-15 09:09 AM
  19. 93Aero's Avatar
    Still using 2 of my four PB's one stays permanently HDMI'ed to the television for watching movies that I either stream to or load from the computer.
    The other is for pictures shooting videos playing games listening to music and reading ebooks.
    The one that's connected to the television also acts as a clock. As long as there is power in these little guys I'll find a use for them.

    PassportSQW100-1/ Q10SQN100-5/ Posted via CB
    09-21-15 02:38 PM
  20. mcgilcoli's Avatar
    Old 64GB still sits on the bedside table, always plugged in
    Blackberry Bridge with z10 for texts
    Synced with work (email and calendar) and personal email (did this so long ago that I cannot remember how)
    websurfing (native browser for sites that are OK with it; Origami for others)
    10-06-15 07:00 AM
  21. bobshine's Avatar
    Mine is a picture frame! The greatest picture frame ever cause of the bright, high resolution screen

    Posted via CB10
    10-06-15 07:38 AM
  22. to boldly go's Avatar
    Still my daily browser, youtube, ebay, amazon, and streaming radio or downloaded music or radio shows, i had picked up an hp laptop with windows 8 and within two days i was sick of it and went back to my playbook. Darned thing has a million of background programs running and things just freeze up and its brand effing new, who needs it. I did want one to have around in case i want to print something, but it wont replace my playbook for surfing.
    10-06-15 11:31 PM
  23. bmanchi's Avatar
    I still use mine every day for work. I'm an English teacher in Italy, and I have all my books in pdf, while I have audio files in mp3. The true multitasking ability of the playbook allows me to switch quickly and easily from audio to pdf while the audio is still playing allowing me to look ahead in the book. Also, I find the progress bar on the media player is very responsive and accurate, so if a student needs to hear a particular segment multiple times it's really quick and easy to cue up the right section.

    I only really use it for work though. I've got a few games I play when I have a bit of downtime, but I don't use it for Web browsing, have to admit the browser is absolutely terrible

    Posted via CB10
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    10-08-15 11:49 AM
  24. mikeywilliams's Avatar
    Mine is a picture frame! The greatest picture frame ever cause of the bright, high resolution screen

    Posted via CB10
    What app do you use for the picture frame?
    Just one picture or a slide show?
    10-09-15 02:40 AM
  25. ma678's Avatar
    I still use Playbook to check all my email accounts every day.

    Posted via CB10 on Passport OG
    10-09-15 12:09 PM
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