1. dave_h_946's Avatar
    I don't think this guy is for the job...these people should be trained/prepared to answer tough (or not) questions.

    BBC One - Breakfast, Blackberry maker, RIM has struggled in the smartphone marketplace. Steph finds out why
    BBC News - Blackberry pins hopes on new BB10 smartphone (even more embarrassing)
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    01-30-13 07:08 AM
  2. sad_old_man's Avatar
    Wonder what kind of brandy he drinks?
    01-30-13 07:15 AM
  3. jr4941's Avatar
    Yeah, excellent opportunity to talk about and speak about the importance of getting software/hardware/apps/experience correct at launch. WTF didn't he talk about that?
    01-30-13 07:16 AM
  4. malgpz900's Avatar
    He would make a good politician. Did he answer any of the questions? He was obviously well scripted as to what to say. Are we doomed?

    01-30-13 07:31 AM
  5. dphjeff's Avatar
    I wouldn't have answered his question either. It the launch day for BlackBerry not for the iphone.
    01-30-13 08:54 AM
  6. Boight's Avatar
    First one blocked, but the second I quit after 1 min as all I heard were interruptions and iphone this iphone that. Who wants to hear or discuss questions about iphones on BB's big day?
    dphjeff likes this.
    01-30-13 08:55 AM
  7. cogsinister's Avatar
    The interviewer was frigging Iphone obsessed !
    01-30-13 02:33 PM
  8. dave_h_946's Avatar
    iPhone obsessed or not I think these were some valid questions. And of course Blackberry learned from the iphone. We are trying to learn from the best (or, if you prefer, from the most popular one).

    The point is he should have known that he was taking part to an interview not a BB advertisement. Many members in this forum would have answered better to these questions without being sounded like damn politician.
    01-30-13 03:42 PM

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