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    Hey Guys and Gals! I got the Android player installed but Can someone explain to me how to load the JDK on my playbook. When on Oracle you can download it ( to the pc) or the playbook but it gives you a error message. But one, I am not sure what platform to use, and two how to load it on my playbook. Thank for all your tips and tricks
    07-22-11 01:16 PM
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    You don't load it on your playbook. Load the JDK on your PC and then get the Android SDK but get the zip version and extract it to crogram files\android\ then go into the folder C:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk-windows and run SDK manager. Just install the first component for the platform-tools, you do not need it all. If it keeps installing and looks like it will take forever just cancel as it has already installed what you need which is ADB.
    07-22-11 01:22 PM
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    Thanks. But whit JDK do I download? it has many different platforms( Linux, Windows, Etc.)
    07-22-11 03:34 PM
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    Download whatever OS your PC uses. I have Windows 7 x64 bit but for some reason it wasn't working and I had to download x86 and that fixed the error I was receiving when trying to install the Android SDK.
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    07-22-11 03:38 PM
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    Tried to install the JDK x64 here for my win7 64bit machine and kept receiving an error it was already installed...so I reinstalled.

    Then tried to install the android sdk it told me I needed the jdk installed.

    Rinse, Repeat, Reboot

    Finally gave up. I'll wait until its officially released. Battery life was horrible since I installed it so its getting removed once the led stops flashing green.

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    07-22-11 11:40 PM
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    The android sdk has a bug. Press back then press next again and it'll work

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    07-22-11 11:56 PM
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    08-05-11 01:41 PM