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    cute product alert: blackberry playbook tablet

    I'm a big fan of Jacka**, so seeing this on my Facebook news feed brought a smile to my face!
    I'm not sure if the word is acceptable on here so I censored it. I feel weird/looking like a fool posting like this but I don't want to get in trouble.
    Anyway, here's the latest portable hole to cross my path: the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. It's ultra-fast for all your ultra-multitasking needs; it's ultra-fun-sized, ultra-portable and ultra-compact with a 7-inch swipeable screen; it provides access to the Interweb; and it has all the prerequisite app, game, video and camera capabilities needed to perform like a champ in today's ultra-networked world. Why, even way out here in the jungles of Costa Rica can I dive into this hole and pretend I'm still living life in the fast lane while happily sitting and listening to the birds bird and the monkeys howl with nary a big city jacka** in sight. Thoreau never had it so good.
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