1. danielcj's Avatar
    I'm having to re-login to a couple of email accounts. One is even a yahoo account. I didn't seem to have this issue before but its become such a problem that I don't really use my mail app anymore.

    Also noticed the browser is a little slower and I have to tap links several times before it will go through.

    Does the new software update address these issues?
    08-02-12 11:25 PM
  2. jpash549's Avatar
    Let us know.
    08-03-12 12:24 AM
  3. danielcj's Avatar
    Well it really didn't fix it. My comcast email is still having issues. Not to mention that email management on the playbook is subpar compared to my 9900. Not sure how its going to perform on BB10 but at its current state I will probably keep my 9900 longer.

    Browser also seems worst. A lot more checker boarding and seems the scrolling is slower. The blue bar seems to hang just right at the end.
    08-03-12 01:00 AM