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    So I believe I followed the instructions contained at the link below to a T:
    How to install the Android Market and other applications to your BlackBerry PlayBook | CrackBerry.com

    My Playbook is rooted (# on the Dingleberry SSH).
    I got up to the step where I launch HCL after installing it through DDPB.
    The issue I am running into is that when I launch the Honeycomb Launcher, I do not get a prompt asking me "Complete Action using".
    I've seen videos of where it is supposed to ask me to pick an android launcher and this does not appear for me.
    It just takes me to an Android lock screen and upon unlocking a black screen that sometimes shows Blackberry runtime for Android Apps

    Additional info:
    I first rooted, then installed 2.0.6149. Then downgraded using the fiddler and a local apache server to 2.0.4869. When i followed all the steps and still was not prompted to pick my android launcher, I downgraded to 1.8.xxx and then upgraded direct to 2.0.4869 but to no avail.

    What could I be missing?

    EDIT: Can the mods please move this the rooting section. Erroneously posted here. Apologies.
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