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    Playbook 1 & 2, both OS

    I have two Playbooks and have them both networked, wirelessly, to my PC. This is obvioiusly very convenient and saves plugging the cable in, etc.

    Last evening, having opened Win Explorer, so showing the Playbook's directory, I 'clicked and dragged' a file from 'Voice' on Playbook 1 and copied it to a folder on my PC. I then renamed this file, on the PC copy, but discovered it changed the file name on the Playbook 1 directory displayed in Win Expl too! I hadn't noticed this happen on any previous occasion but can't say I've done this since adding the second Playbook. I have, previously, 'clicked and dragged' files from PC to PB2, which I believe were via the wireless network (but can't be sure as my memory is so bad these days!!! )

    I also have a separate recording in a file in 'Voice' on Playbook 2. Again, in Win Expl, I went to 'click and drag' that file, from the PB 2 directory, to PC but discovered it's name had changed as well. So, I changed it to something else and, sure enough, both directories in Win Expl for PB1 and PB2 are identical. However, the file name didn't change in PB2 device itself, but had changed in PB1 device.

    It seems to me that, although Win Expl displays two directories for PB, even each with their own device number, the directories themselves are one and the same, ie of device PB1, On checking other folders of PB1 and 2, as displayed in Win Expl, the files shown in BOTH directories are those that are in PB1, suggesting that PB2 isn't actually being 'seen', but duplicated.

    So, my question is, do I need to change something in some 'settings' somewhere so that the PC will see PB2 as a separate device as PB1?

    I hope I have explained this well enough for people to understand what I have done etc

    Thanks for any help/advice
    04-02-13 07:20 AM
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    They should have different names and be in the same workgroup. Also test in explorer to enter ip adress followed by \\ that way explorer will open the correct device.
    04-02-13 07:25 AM
  3. GooseberryFool's Avatar
    They should have different names and be in the same workgroup. Also test in explorer to enter ip adress followed by \\ that way explorer will open the correct device.
    Thanks for such a prompt response

    This morning, having booted up PC again, I have just noticed that one PB is disconnected, which I tried to do last night. Obviously a re-boot was required to show the disconnection was successful.

    However, the remaining directory showing in Win Expl is named as per PB2 but has the contents of PB1. Argh!!!

    Yes, they are/were both on the same Workgroup, ie 'Workgroup', as default. However, the Tablet Network Name used is the default, ie Playbook-####, so each PB is Playbook-#### (but different numbers/letters). User name on both is 'playbook', again the default. So, perhaps it would be a good idea to change this in each Playbook, giving them less similar identification?

    I'm now going to disconnect the remaining PB from the network, switch everything off and start all over again. I'll then be sure to check that each PB directory in WE is as it should be etc. I will bear in mind your suggestion of '\\' after the ip address although the instructions I followed initially suggested '\\' before the ip address.

    Would it be worth using a 'static' address, although I don't really understand all this but have read it in forums re networking!!!... ???

    Anyway, thanks. I'll
    04-02-13 07:45 AM
  4. FF22's Avatar
    Here are my two Explorer Windows. My 64 and 32 gigs do use Static Addresses so show up quite independently.
    Attached Thumbnails Issue with Networking Two Playbooks to same PC - Advice please-static-ip.jpg  
    04-02-13 08:55 AM
  5. nnomad's Avatar
    I had problems with PB taking over as master browser. So for me my 2 PBs have to have a different workgroup name. Go to start / run and type
    \\ ipaddress and it shows up every time. I have more than 1 computer so a certain 1 has to be the master browser. Never had a problem since.
    04-02-13 09:02 PM

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