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    I'm back under a proxy (Squid proxy with basic authentication) and I've set the proxy from the Wifi menu but I'm having several issues.

    1. The browser does not seem to able to access https sites.
    2. Android apps can't access the internet.
    3. PIM doesn't work well.

    The latter two, I understand the issue. For PIM, even my PC doesn't work with IMAP and POP on external servers under the proxy so this means that the proxy itself doesn't support these protocols. It's not too big of a deal for me currently if the browser works.

    The Android apps not working is a problem with the Android OS itself which doesn't have native proxy for applications (Only for the browser). To use the proxy, you'll need to root it and use an application for that.

    As for native apps, the app store works. The browser works for non https sites, the facebook app works, bluebox works, etc.

    But 1) is the issue that is severely bothering me. This is preventing me from logging into sites like gmail, yahoo mail and basically any other sites which uses secure authentication.

    Here are my restraints:
    I can only access the internet through this particular proxy. I could probably set up a secondary proxy (Secondary meaning this proxy would also be under the main one) on my laptop and allow my playbook to access the internet through this proxy chain but I wouldn't like this too much as my laptop would have to be on the whole time and that really defeats the point of using the PB for internet.

    I tried setting up a free VPN connection through vpnreactor but it gives me the error: "Bad profile parameters" and I'm not sure if the free version offers the kind of proxy supported by the PB (As it said only PPTP was supported) but I don't much about VPN's. I did choose the use http proxy setting in the VPN setup.

    I was thinking that maybe the playbook didn't have options for ssl, ftp, https proxies so that it wouldn't use a proxy for those kinds of connection... Is that correct?

    Does anyone have any other ideas that I could try?
    07-23-12 08:24 AM
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    I also tried Global pass and HideMyAss online proxies and neither work properly on the pb under the proxy.
    07-23-12 08:30 AM
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    I'm thinking of using Opera Mobile sideloaded (which has proxy settings for that app) for these sites but I would very much prefer it on my PB browser itself...

    And does any one have the bar file for Opera Mobile?
    07-24-12 02:07 PM