01-08-12 12:55 PM
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  1. 3lionsbecks's Avatar
    take your blinders off boys
    01-08-12 09:41 AM
  2. brianatbb's Avatar
    I have both ipod touch (32G, $100 used) and Playbook (16G, $199 new). Since I have a laptop, I bought them primarily for travel, which is why I don't like 10-inch tablets and went for the PB.

    What I like about the ipod is the apps selection, email capability, phoning capability (I use skype and talkatone), ability to nest apps, itunes interface, quality construction, and great portability.

    What I like about the PB is larger screen for web browsing and reading, hdmi and usb ports, multitasking, quality construction, great portability compared to most tabs. I wish it had a micro-SD slot, 3G, Android compatibility. I'm hoping OS 2 fixes some of its software shortcomings. If it does, I might even start buying Rim stock.

    When I travel, I'll take both. The only question I now face is, which smartphone do I buy, iphone or blackberry?
    01-08-12 12:55 PM
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