1. martinbowden's Avatar
    Hi I have a iPad 2 and a playbook but if I had bought playbook first I wouldt have bought iPad .Any of you guys have both and what do you think

    When I first looked at playbook was told

    1) it wouldnt play avi files (incorrect plays perfect on the odd movie have to convert audio)

    2) games are poor !!!! Wrong some top games on playbook (majestic best strategy game on both iPad and playbook and only 2.00)

    3)there won't be updates (wrong)

    Started off with 16gb loved it so much sold it and bought 64gb can drag and drop my avi movies tv shows and the all play perfect use a Hdmi cable no issues

    Let me know what you guys think
    02-08-12 01:52 PM
  2. FSeverino's Avatar
    use the search function...

    http://forums.crackberry.com/blackbe...s-ipad-692360/ (it means CURRENT ipad)
    02-08-12 02:16 PM