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    Hi everyone, sorry if i've missed these topics elsewhere, but i'm looking for some insight on how to fix 2 of my playbook problems.

    1. Battery -it will charge all night, then I turn it on and it goes to red (no battery) in a few minutes then dies. If it doesn't die, it will just continue to turn itself off and on until it does die.

    2. Internet - it will not connect to our wifi (though our laptops and ipad can) - if it does connect it's only for a minute or 2 and then it seems to crash our internet and my roommate needs to go in manually and reboot everything.

    I'm not the most technical person, so if there are simple, every day person fixes that you think could help, please let me know! I love my playbook and would just like to be able to use it for basic things again!
    09-10-12 01:30 PM
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    The wifi issue is thought to be due to wifi encryption. The Playbook does not seem to like WEP encryption, so you should change it to WPA or WPA2 (preferably WPA2). As for the other issue, I have no idea, but somebody on here will know.
    Hope it works out alright for you
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    09-10-12 02:42 PM
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    It sounds like, although its plugged in all night, its not charging the Playbook. What type of charger are you using? Wall plug to USB? Maybe a bad plug/blade, cord or port on your Playbook.
    Try a different charger. A friend or family members? Or better yet get a rapid charger (3-pin magnetic connection).

    And ditto on the WPA2 encryption.
    09-10-12 04:36 PM