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    Someone in the OS section asked about possible damage from a drop. I gave a very speculative answer. But this forum is more popular and the question is more generic than dealing with it in the OS section. So I thought I'd ask here:


    There are a number of sensors which determine tilt and acceleration or directional movement. How subject to damage are these things if the pb is jostled too suddenly or even dropped (heaven forbid)? Could a kid or exuberant adult blow the sensors by swinging the pb side to side or up and down. A drop from desk or waist high?

    Anyone know the kinds of specifications these internal sensors have?
    12-29-11 09:58 AM
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    Interesting question.
    From Wiki:
    It(the PB) features a variety of sensors, including an InvenSense 6-axis gyroscope, magnetometer, and accelerometer.

    I would assume the gryo and accelerometer have moving parts inside that could be damaged buy a drop. The stories you hear about drops don't often include broken sensors though. I'm curious how they make such small sensors strong enough to handle abuse.

    My 17 month old old has dropped the PB many times on the hardwood with no damage(yet). I also am not very gentle with it.
    12-29-11 10:53 AM