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    I would like to add my wife's calendar to the list of calendars that I have on my PlayBook. She uses an iPhone and the calendar is backed up with iCloud. Is this fairly easy to do/at-all-possible?

    Where would I find the correct server settings?
    05-07-12 06:52 PM
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    Unfortunately iCloud calendars are unable to be shared with non-iCloud accounts privately. My suggestion would be to use a free service like Gmail, yahoo, or AOL, etc to share calendars. Here is the link to the Apple support Site with an overview of the iCloud calendars.


    If your wife has calendar events in iCloud that she wants share with you, then you would have to share those publicly. I do not recommend this.

    If your wife already has events in iCloud that you are needing to export.
    Login to iCloud.com website.
    Click the share button and select public.
    Copy the webcal address.
    Paste the address in the address bar of your Web browser.
    Change the webcal to http
    You will then have the option to open or save the calendar.
    Save the .ics file

    You can then import that calendar into the calendar account you are using.
    05-08-12 12:03 AM
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    Also, if your wife had a blackberry then this would not be a problem.
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    05-08-12 12:06 AM
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    Also, if your wife had a blackberry then this would not be a problem.
    And excellent observation
    05-08-12 12:11 AM
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    My wife DID have a BlackBerry, and life was great....

    Then Google had an app that you installed on your PC called Google Calendar Sync that sort of worked, but they took that away.

    I am not trying to share her calendar with my PlayBook. I want to integrate her calendar onto my PlayBoook. I don't want her email and contacts, just her calendar. I should be able to configure a separate account on my PlayBook under the advanced account configuration --> CalDav option and enter her AppleID and password, iCloud server name, etc. and then see her calendar on my PlayBook.

    From a few forum posts that I have come across, it seems that while the intent was there in OS 2.0, this functionality is not actually working. Is this accurate? Or has anyone figured out how to do it?
    05-08-12 12:27 AM
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    Here check this post. http://forums.crackberry.com/blackbe...-setup-701441/
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    05-08-12 12:57 AM
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    I gave up. Apple sucks.

    I added her to my Office 365 plan at the Exchange Only level ($4.96/month) and all of my problems are solved. Thank you Microsoft.

    Since I didn't want to try pushing a new email address on her, I just have her using Exchange for calendar and she continues to use her POP email for everything else. Works for me. I just need to know when soccer practice is and what evenings she is going out with friends, etc. Worth it for $5/month.
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    05-09-12 04:39 PM
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    I know it's not a google account, but see if the CaIDAV method works for you:

    05-09-12 04:58 PM
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    Apple is too proprietary for me. Glad you found a solution that works for you.
    05-09-12 04:58 PM
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    I've given iCloud iCal syncing another try just now, and guess what?

    It works!

    Create a new CalDAV account, and enter p06-caldav.icloud.com as the server. A bit later, I had access to all my calendars from the Calendar app. So the trick is NOT to add any of the account specific server path, apparently that's all figured out behind the scenes.

    This is really neat, not only because it syncs multiple calendars off a single account, but also across all my devices (Mac, iTouch and now Playbook).
    10-14-12 06:26 AM
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    my ical account appears as ok on my playbook and i followed the steps you said to create it but when i want to choose it as the default calendar it doesnt appears in the list, i only have the local calendar.....can anyone help please?
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    05-29-15 02:32 PM
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    You can't edit the iCal calendar so it can't be the default for adding events

    Posted via CB10 Z30STA100-5/
    05-31-15 07:19 PM