1. SoupySioux's Avatar
    Can someone please tell me how to insert a footnote in a word document. If it is not possible in docs to go, is there an app for the playbook which has a footnote insert function.
    04-18-12 10:08 PM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    All I could suggest is to create a doc on a computer with a footnote in it as a template and test whether you can even see or use or copy it when the doc is moved/copied to the pb.
    04-18-12 11:46 PM
  3. SoupySioux's Avatar
    Thanx for your reply F2. I have tried this, in fact almost all of my docs originate from a pc, however I seem unable to copy and paste footnotes on the playbook. When I copy and paste a slab of text that includes a footnote I find the footnote disappears. This is pre and post OS 2.0.1 update.
    04-19-12 12:03 AM
  4. FF22's Avatar
    I thought that might be an issue. The pb version probably just does not support that sophisticated function.
    04-19-12 09:30 AM
  5. pacoman03's Avatar
    I copied and pasted a section from wikipedia that contained two footnotes into Docs to go, and these footnotes appeared as bracketed numbers. The text appears as shown below. Is this good enough? Incidentally, I'm posting this from my playbook.

    Robert Hooke published his ideas about the "System of the World" in the 1660s, when he read to the Royal Society on 21 March 1666 a paper "On gravity", "concerning the inflection of a direct motion into a curve by a supervening attractive principle", and he published them again in somewhat developed form in 1674, as an addition to "An Attempt to Prove the Motion of the Earth from Observations".[8] Hooke announced in 1674 that he planned to "explain a System of the World differing in many particulars from any yet known", based on three "Suppositions": that "all Celestial Bodies whatsoever, have an attraction or gravitating power towards their own Centers" [and] "they do also attract all the other Celestial Bodies that are within the sphere of their activity";[9] that "all bodies whatsoever that are put into a direct and simple motion, will so continue to move forward in a straight line, till they are by some other effectual powers deflected and bent..."; and that "these attractive powers are so much the more powerful in operating, by how much the nearer the body wrought upon is to their own Centers". Thus Hooke clearly postulated mutual attractions between the Sun and planets, in a way that increased with nearness to the attracting body, together with a principle of linear inertia.
    04-19-12 09:49 AM
  6. SoupySioux's Avatar
    Thanx Pacoman03. Ideally what I want to do is insert a new footnote into a document. I can't find a function for it on docs to go. I don't have any problems viewing and editing existing footnotes, I just want to create new ones on the playbook! I thought a workaround would be to copy an existing footnote and copy +paste, but as I suggested the footnote disappears. At this frustrating point, the only option I can think of is to create a doc on a pc with many footnotes without text and then write around them on the playbook - a back to front way of writing an essay.

    As far as I can tell, alternative apps such as Polaris and Quickoffice are not available on the Blackberry App World. I tried Smart Office Lite but that seems to be solely a viewer, as does the Pro version although I will investigate further.

    Alas! But if there is a clever developer who wants to create an app wih an insert footnote function, I'm sure that it will sell extremely well.
    04-19-12 10:46 PM
  7. bbz10fan123's Avatar
    Can someone please tell me how to insert a footnote in a word document. If it is not possible in docs to go, is there an app for the playbook which has a footnote insert function.
    I have this question now with the new docs to go for blackberry 10 but not only I can't insert footnotes which was never possible with docs to go I can't even insert comments which was always possible till blackberry 10.

    Even worse is that I can't find how to even view and edit existing footnotes or comments and I was looking all over for help on that and I can't find anyone to help me with that.
    04-03-13 04:19 PM