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    I've read some of the existing threads and didn't find applicable information. I'm attempting to set up my new PB and it found my existing WiFi. But I'm unable to enter a password that will be accepted. When I connected my desktop and my Bold 9900, I did not use a password, the PIN on the modem worked. But the PB process is looking for a password. Tech support has suggested I call AT&T which I'd prefer to avoid for the obvious reasons. As far as I know, there is no password on my WiFi. Has anyone encountered and overcome this? The PB has been plugged in via the charger for well over an hour now so I'm assuming it's got a better than 20% charge.

    Thanks in advance!!
    09-05-12 05:18 PM
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    My PB is connected to U-Verse Modem/Router (2-Wire Gateway 3801HGV). The "Password" to enter in the PB set-up is the 10 digit Wireless Network Key printed on the label on the box. Security Type is WPA2 Personal. Boxes I have checked on PB set-up are Automatically Obtain IP, Enable IPv6 & Allow inter-access.
    You will likely wany to go into the U-Verse box set-up ( in browser) to assign a Static IP to PB after they are connected. This will allow Splashtop, Print and some of apps to work better. Device Access Code on another label may be required to make that change on U-Verse Gateway.
    Enjoy you Playbook. Very FAST on U-Verse. No lost connection. It's there as soon as I pull into garage here and anywhere in this 3 story townhouse.
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