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    The default browser has pinch to zoom but that ofter results in needing to scroll side to side to see text.

    On the iPad you can setup a Bookmark in Safari that runs a simple javascript and increases the font size on any page each time it is pressed.
    The javascript also works on the Playbook browser but I can't figure out how to edit or create a bookmark with the needed code?

    Here's the site that explains it for the iPad, if using the Playbook hit the Font+ link in his method A a few times and you can see it works on RIM's device as well, just editing or saving it is the issue.

    Maybe someone can figure it out...

    Font size bookmarklets | The Marcos Kirsch Experienceģ

    Closest I came is go to any site, then paste the code below into the URL bar,
    each refresh will increase the font size, but saving the bookmark is the issue.

    javascript:var%20p=document.getElementsByTagName(' *');for(i=0;i%3Cp.length;i++)%7Bif(p%5Bi%5D.style. fontSize)%7Bvar%20s=parseInt(p%5Bi%5D.style.fontSi ze.replace(%22px%22,%22%22));%7Delse%7Bvar%20s=12; %7Ds+=2;p%5Bi%5D.style.fontSize=s+%22px%22%7D
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