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    Well in a coule of months I have a little project coming about and should be fun.

    Going to mount a playbook in a car as the only audio media source and player. I have done one with a iPad before for a customer but the sheer size was an issue for most cars.

    So the playbook will be having a custom dock in the dash which will be removable all audio will be via a dsp unit so volume and quality won't be an issue.

    Now a couple of questions does the playbook still display when hdmi lead is connected as the plan is to run two roof screens aswell which the playbook will be a selectable input. And two does the playbook dock support audio through it or is it just for charging ???
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    01-08-12 07:45 AM
  2. farskija's Avatar
    Sounds interesting! What type of vehicle? I'm not 100% sure on the other questions...
    01-08-12 07:51 AM
  3. homer1475's Avatar
    In the HDMI options you can specify if you want the PB to still have a display(not connected right now so not sure which mode allows this). Not sure what you mean by the "dock", but if you mean the desktop charging dock, it only allows for charging, nothing else.
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    01-08-12 07:54 AM
  4. smithey1981's Avatar
    That's good about the hdmi split. Shame about the dock bout there is always a work around lol. This one will be mounted in one of my personal cars a Toyota Previa.
    01-08-12 08:13 AM
  5. Chaddface's Avatar
    I was thinking of something similar in my car. The HDMI plays all audio so you don't need to use the headphone jack. I took a dock apart and there is no room to add anything in there. Good luck with the project.
    01-08-12 08:56 AM
  6. smithey1981's Avatar
    The problem in using a dsp u need a audio feed hence will have to use the jack but seeing where it will be going in the car this won't be an issue. I somewhat wonder though how the playbook is gonna react to being plugged in constantly I.e heat issues etc.
    01-08-12 09:51 AM
  7. frisco49ers's Avatar
    gonna want to see pictures and tech info after it is all working. If you get it going good it might go viral and you will getvery busy
    01-08-12 09:53 AM
  8. FF22's Avatar
    Actually, some have found that some games to do not project their sound out hdmi if that matters.
    01-08-12 10:05 AM
  9. Chaddface's Avatar
    I only tested some movies and my mp3 music. They all played through the TV via HDMI. No audio(only video) through my aging Onkyo receiver. I guess it doesn't understand the signal the PB puts out.
    Maybe I'm misunderstanding the DSP. Digital signal processor? You would need a digital signal correct?
    01-08-12 10:37 AM
  10. smithey1981's Avatar
    Actually car audio And multimedia along with other car stuff is what I do for a living. Done a few car pc's and 1 iPad. The playbook is much more size suited to cars plus the bb bridge and tethering eliminates some extra work that is needed for pc's. Using a in car dsp will that the audio feed from the playbook and convert it to a rca output to the amps and using a in line sub controller will give u the control over the bass

    One car pc install with multi screen
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    01-08-12 11:44 AM
  11. Chaddface's Avatar
    Are you saying you need to use the headphone jack? The placement in my car would not allow for use of the jack. I would still be able to reach the button though. I was hoping to only use the HDMI cable for audio/video.

    I think the PB is a good choice for in car use. The ability to play a video while still using the PB for navigation. Wifi transfer music/video to your car from the house.
    I need a third PB to deicate to the car before I get too excited.
    01-08-12 11:58 AM
  12. CanadianThomas's Avatar
    Maybe a custom bottom mount with usb charge and hdmi. Then a flange to hide it at the bottom?

    I've done some custom audio but never a tablet. Good stuff. Might I suggest some old school RF. Maybe Trans Menta's.
    01-08-12 02:32 PM
  13. farskija's Avatar
    Some of the lingo is above my "pay grade" but I'm interested in the results!
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    01-08-12 04:29 PM
  14. hpjrt's Avatar
    Loved the picture ... but even though I read it twice I have no idea what you said! LOL
    01-08-12 06:24 PM
  15. steedm's Avatar
    I just got a 64gb play book to do the same looks like it will fit nicely in my BMW 46. Have you finished it?
    12-30-12 02:25 AM