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    Let me start of by saying im a great BB fan cellwise and tabwise. The
    points below are some problems i have been facing with the PB and
    hopefully they may be used to further improve the PB OS2.0

    1. FB App
    - chat goes online by itself even though disabled
    - Keeps saying sometimes you have no internet connection even though
    browser is working ok
    - At the bottom of posts theres a button "Click to see more posts"
    Wish it would just give more posts when a user reached there
    automatically and not have to do that extra click
    - If you are the bottom of all posts, how to jump back to top without
    swiping like a mad man or having to go to your wall and then click
    news feed again?

    2. Music program cannot find the songs in a different folder.
    I created a folder under misc and put all my songs there hoping no one would
    find it and delete it etc. but the music program cannot find the songs there.

    3. File Manager can see the songs in the misc folder but only allows to delete or open.
    Does not permit to copy and paste to another location or rename.

    4. Bridge App on the PB sometimes cannot connect to cell and
    solution here is to turn it off and on again. Not sure if its a bug but has happened
    a couple of times.
    - How to copy contacts/ calender items from Cell to PB??

    Not sure if others have experienced the above and may have solutions.
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    03-07-12 03:04 AM
  2. Hawkeberry's Avatar
    Biggest wish from OS2.1 : driving away negative posters who think sarcastic comments that add no value are cool


    1. Music player that allows multiple playlists + scrobbles last.fm
    2. Autocorrect to automatically turn off when typing with the phone
    3. Letting two android apps remain open simultaneously
    4. widgets on home screen
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    03-07-12 04:53 AM
  3. helsinki98's Avatar
    1. Fix the alarm clock, I can never seem to stop it once it gets going, even when I set it as off in the clock app.

    2. Increase the browser stability, would be good if the rendering of websites could be fixed so once it loads and you scroll up or down it doesnt have to render parts of the website again.

    3. Fix java applets in the browser.

    4. If possible sort the android player memory usage out

    5. Battery use could be reduced, seems to be higher then OS1, and even the beta OS2 I was using seemed to be more efficient.
    03-07-12 05:09 AM
  4. dd3's Avatar
    I just want one thing... A new gesture, diagonal from bottom right towards centre to be take me back to top of Page... Or maybe even better, be able to set what the gestures (left right and bottom right corner) actually do
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    03-07-12 05:13 AM
  5. peargood's Avatar
    Gesture to bring to top of page, increase in battery life and Browser stability.
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    03-07-12 06:08 AM
  6. anthogag's Avatar
    A lot of RIM employees supposedly use playbooks and they're surely finding these issues.

    Looking forward to the next OS upgrade
    03-07-12 07:41 AM
  7. moa999's Avatar
    Better stability
    Definitely gestures for top and bottom of web pages when browsing.
    Ability to reorder and edit browser bookmarks
    Ad block
    User agent (for sites that dont like the Playbook)
    (realise some of these can come with simple browser)

    Clear identification of Andriod apps - they do tend to crash more and cant be multiple tasks
    Stop developers deleting reviews (SkyMobile looking at you)
    Develper response to reviews.

    Skype (or some native Wifi VOIP software)
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    03-07-12 07:48 AM
  8. conix67's Avatar
    The only few things I want from OS or built in apps.

    1. AC3/DTS support in video player.
    2. Folders support in built-in file manager and other apps, so that documents/photos/music/video files can be better managed.
    3. Todo manager or task manager that works with Exchange server
    4. Microsoft OneNote integration
    5. Better Android player - stability, memory usage, control over processes and memory management
    6. Browser that doesn't crash on smurfberry site.
    03-07-12 07:53 AM
  9. Apelles123's Avatar
    An app market that surpasses Apps Lib, which is the app market for Android devices such as the Coby Kyros that don't meet Androids standards for an official Android Market. Photo and Video Catagory in BB APP WORLD is insulting, 3rd party Flkr uploaders and Betty Boop are insults, not apps that fully utilize PB's fantastic but yet unrealized hardware capabilities. I want a PlayBook not a aftermarket ebook reader on steroids.
    03-07-12 08:19 AM
  10. tharrison4815's Avatar
    I'd love it if they used a bottom right gesture to toggle between standard touch mode, and a "trackpad screen" mode where the mouse cursor would appear and swiping on the screen would control its direction with tap to click.

    They would probably be best to make this an advanced feature you have to enable in the settings though to prevent normal people doing it by mistake.
    03-07-12 09:35 AM
  11. dave1701's Avatar
    -Increased general stability

    -Fix the Browser crashes!

    -Better Docs to Go

    -Ability to turn off android player

    -It would be really cool to see be able to answer/make phone calls on the playbook when bridged.
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    03-07-12 10:26 AM
  12. BoloMKXXVIII's Avatar
    RIM fixed most of the things I found to be a problem when they released 2.0. Messaging, calendar and contacts along with A2DP made me a happy PB owner.

    For 2.1 I would like USB host capabilities and maybe some better battery management.
    03-07-12 12:10 PM
  13. anthogag's Avatar
    There is something that I think might be useful in certain ways and TAT already did it in their latest teaser at MWC, i.e. they're more than half-way finished

    Imagine a large page and as you move the playbook around on the table it 'moves around' this virtual page (as if it was laid-out on the table) and if you raise the pb a little bit it zooms-in/out. Could be useful for maps.

    Ex. lifting the playbook from the table and suddenly you see a 3D map
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    03-07-12 07:11 PM
  14. russworman's Avatar
    I would love to see a Desktop Manager on the PlayBook so I can change the os on my 9850 as well as backup on the PlayBook(no more waiting on my cell provider to release file if done right), BlackBerry Protect, ability to change songs or videos in the actual media app, ability to move files around in File Manager, a search function in the task bar up top, and ability to answer calls/ txt messages through the PlayBook...just my thoughts...almost forgot the ability to print files even if I must buy a BlackBerry brand printer...
    03-07-12 10:16 PM
  15. GMah's Avatar
    Messages : Being able to navigate trough different folder of every account

    Calendar : Being able to have more than one calendar per account and being able to change the calendar of an event once created.

    Contacts : Being able to disable contacts from social network (I don't need my Facebook contact or my Twitter contact, only LinkedIn have interest to me). Being able to create group and send mail or forward mail to group.

    Browser : Stability issue

    Battery : Better battery management, there is no way my battery last 10 hours as advertised.... 5-6 at best
    03-07-12 10:21 PM
  16. mossfoot's Avatar
    Ability to organize/edit bookmarks in the browser.
    03-08-12 01:17 AM
  17. Apelles123's Avatar
    A native gallery app that allows for the organization of photos in a specific order of the photographer's choosing and Eye- Fi support . I've contacted Eye -Fi about this.
    03-08-12 07:11 AM
  18. world traveler and former ceo's Avatar
    A native gallery app that allows for the organization of photos in a specific order of the photographer's choosing and Eye- Fi support . I've contacted Eye -Fi about this.
    Yes! ... the ability to rename photos .. to search more effectively for photos or to group photos .. to touch/hold photos to initiate/send to email directly ...
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    03-08-12 07:15 AM
  19. masqueofhastur's Avatar
    RIM fixed most of the things I found to be a problem when they released 2.0. Messaging, calendar and contacts along with A2DP made me a happy PB owner.

    For 2.1 I would like USB host capabilities and maybe some better battery management.
    There are still niggling issues in a number of areas. I want them to smooth that out before they star adding features.
    03-08-12 07:46 AM
  20. canadoc's Avatar
    1) Bookmark management
    2)able to set flash to load on demand
    3)User agent settings to force desktop mode for sites or force mobile friendly sites etc.

    1)Ability to mark all for delete or read mail
    2)view in portrait mode
    3)faster load time from closed (needs 20 seconds before u can view emails)
    4)Easier way to select photos or documents to mail. (In android tapping the document and holding it brings up choice to open it, delete it share it or send it. WOuld be nice to have this feature)

    1)Portrait mode
    2) Fix issues with google multiple calendar and attendees etc.(should not need workarounds)

    Android player:
    1)Better memory footprint. perhaps goto a tablet version of the android os (ICS 4.0)
    2)Ability to reset it if it misbehaves without rebooting the tablet
    3)Access to camera mic and GPS so that cross platform video chat apps would work etc.

    Music Player:
    10 multiple playlist support

    Video player:
    Ac3 codec support
    resume playback from previous spot

    abilty to sideload epubs


    Ability to chat via pin alone even if both play books are on same bbid

    DLNA support
    Folder management for pictures, videos and photos
    USB host
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    03-08-12 10:08 AM
  21. zzbsb's Avatar
    2.1? Are you talking about year 2013? Sorry I have no trust in playbook's software team.
    03-08-12 10:55 AM
  22. dd3's Avatar
    OK,had a think about this and usb host is something I want to add. Being able to plug my camera into the PlayBook and download images to free up the cf card would be very welcome.
    03-08-12 11:03 AM
  23. rupam95's Avatar
    All i want is the OS itself, right now!
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    07-19-12 08:17 PM
  24. brianatbb's Avatar
    -Increased general stability

    -Fix the Browser crashes and lagginess

    -Better Docs to Go

    -Ability to turn off android player

    - Fix constant crashing of Messages/Calendar

    - Speed up view/delete time on email. 15 seconds each is ridiculous. It takes less than a second to delete an email on my ipod touch

    - Needs Skype. I know it's not a Rim priority.

    - Speed up reboot time. Five minutes is absurd.

    If it does all of the above, it'll be worth keeping through 2013. I suspect we'll get none of them.
    07-20-12 08:49 AM