1. Keith James1's Avatar
    I would like to import my contacts from a BB Bold 9700 to my new Playbook. The issue is I no longer have the smartphone, however I have the contacts backed up using the Desktop application. Is there a way to capture the contacts from the backup file and add to the Playbook? Thanks for any feedback.
    11-16-12 08:55 AM
  2. diegonei's Avatar
    I can only think of one possible solution... MagicBerry.

    MagicBerry should be able to read your backup file and export the contents to a csv file. Then, all you'd have to do is import that csv file into a google or yahoo email account and have that sync with the PlayBook.

    And welcome to the forums.
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    11-16-12 09:45 AM
  3. Keith James1's Avatar
    Thanks so much for your fast response Diegonei. I downloaded the software and it does allow me to obtain my contacts. One more question, when trying to import the .csv file, it does not separate by name and telephone number. Can you provide me with information on how to instruct MagicBerry to separate the information in a manner that would be more readable? Thanks...
    11-16-12 02:03 PM

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