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    My PB serves well as a Kindle reader and at times a video game platform for old PSX and SNES games. Don't browse much on it, but when I do there are no issues or crashes. Didn't expect it to wash dishes for me, so I'm not shocked and apalled that it doesn't
    07-16-12 08:21 AM
  2. CeeXTwo's Avatar

    I have had so many folks tell me when they see me using the Playbook how they love their Ipads. I usually ask them can I see it and 99% of the time they answer: Well I leave it at home as it is to big to carry.

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    07-16-12 08:25 AM
  3. dentynefire's Avatar
    I have had a few people ask me about my Playbook. I find it hard to recommend it because if it wasn't given to me as a gift, I'd likely sell it (I would not have gotten it in the first place, I'm sad to say). But I'm hanging onto it to give it every possible chance, including waiting for BB10. Unfortunately, that could be another year. I have dedicated too much time on my PB and following the whole RIM story to give up now lol

    It seems to me that a team at RIM developed the UI and other features without any input from focus groups. I picture Apple having 1000 average joes trying out there devices and requiring them to make notes on the good and the bad. Apple makes improvements and gets another 1000 to test the device again. It feels like RIM did not get any feedback from a select group representing the consumer world. I wish they would hire me; I'd love to work on it!
    RIM didn't develop the PB UI a company in Ottawa did and from using it its pretty sweet. What issues do you have with it?
    Speed? it is lagless
    Simplicity? swipes are consistant but there is a learning curve.
    Moving and deleting apps? just as easy as other OSes
    Installing apps? straight forward to me
    What else is there, the UI is fairly basic IMO.

    The only issue with the UI that I find is the in the Options area (select the the COG). I find it a bit of a challenge finding what I want quickly, nothing to complain about but could be improved.

    Maybe you are referring to apps? In this case no one can read your mind. I'm sure someone here could help.

    See its easy to talk crap about something. How about actually taking part in a discussion and adding value instead of complaining. RIM would never hire you for this reason so good luck with that.

    The RIM story is certainly fatiguing but realize that a lot of the doom and gloom is the media trying to make money. Not that RIM isn't having problems. The main reason is that the old Java OS isn't compatible with most programmers out there as they tend to use other languages like C++ which the PB uses (among others). I hope you are able to notice a turn around in developer support for PB/BB10, which is very impressive.

    If you think RIM doesn't collect feedback I'd say you're crazy haha again what specific issues do you have?
    07-16-12 08:29 AM
  4. Mikey_T's Avatar
    I've always been dissapointed with my PB functionality, but I got it at the low prices and don't worry about it too much. I tried to love it and tried hard to get some sort of real use out of the first 'professional tablet', but have since given up and purchased a Samsung ultrabook which actually does everything I need.

    Playbook combined with rapid charging stand makes a heck of a nice desk-clock though.
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  5. guerllamo7's Avatar
    I love my Playbook and I am a huge advocate for it. Not only in terms of portability, power, multi-tasking but the price.

    Just so you know, a guy at my church has an iPad and he came to me with some problems on the configuration (I spend quite a bit of time at church lately as I'm helping them the ministers and staff get Playbooks - and they love them) and he has been trying to figure it out for weeks. He basically can't send or receive e-mail. So every tablet has issues.

    What do the staff at my church think about their Playbook?

    Anyway, the point is that perfect does not exist. Every tablet has some issue and when I look at it the Playbooks is the best for me and at the current price it is the best out there.

    I can read e-books, e-magazines, got free DocstoGo premium, best HTML5 browser The HTML5 test - How well does your browser support HTML5? with Flash to boot, tons of apps rolling in and the hardware specs are awesome. Just listen to the speakers on it vs. the iPad. Then look at the price.

    The Playbook is awesome and if you thing other tablets don't have issues then I invite you to reconsider. In any case, if you don't like it don't buy it. If you do then show it around.
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    The Playbook has its short comings however this is a capable device and doesnt warrant the slander I sometimes see on this site. I do wish RIM would make a deeper commitment to developing the Playbook, they have extremely capable hardware and a proven history of making operating systems that are reliable. A few critical aspects of the Playbook seem to get overlooked by those who enjoy criticizing it, Ill attempt to be brief. Playbook is no iPAD, in my opinion that is the superior tablet in almost every aspect. The Playbook is an excellent working device. Its small, secure, provides excellent encryption, supports VPN, MS exchange server connectivity, and bridges to most Blackberry phone giving you remote internet connectivity on a device that costs $200 - $300. Playbook is not an App toy, although I have found most apps for the Playbook useful and abundant, a few critical apps do not appear to be in the works. Gotomypc, HuluPLUS, NetFlix, Google Earth to name just a few of the apps on my short list. The work around for the lack of apps is I use the Playbook as a Web tool, I book mark the web site and simply use the service as you would a desk top computer. When the playbook fails to achieve the latest iPAD, Android, NOOK, Kindle toy/app of the week I surf to the web and see how that functions using the Playbook browser. You might be surprised how well it works! For work i have used iPADS and they are excellent devices. I chose the purchase the Playbook because of its low cost, connectivity to my work provided Blackberry, small size, capable web browser, encryption capabilities, and MS exchange connection. I have been using this since March 2012 and I have no regret with this purchase, i'm hopeful RIM continues it's development.

    In closing.
    Remind yourself that you invested $200 - $300, you are far ahead of the iPAD game.
    If you are lacking an APP? Use the Playbook Browser and find that same functionality on the WEB you will be surprised how well it works. Most of the time.
    If you continue to find the Playbook a problem, the iPAD 16 gig 3G will only set you back $650. You will have a bigger screen, every APP you can dream of, and as a bonus iTUNES will know every move you make. Dont forget to budget that $30/ month hotspot you will need.
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    07-16-12 09:22 AM
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    OP - you don't need to justify your purchase to anyone but yourself.
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    07-16-12 09:53 AM
  8. davisgq's Avatar
    To an extent. If it is someone who simply worships everything Apple, then of course they are going to staunchly defend/criticize everything Apple/non-Apple. I admire one's passion for a product, but don't do it in a way where you think Apple is almighty Lord of the universe or something and Blackberry is just a little pile of doo-doo on the street. It is seriously a user preference as to what we choose to buy/use. I constantly hear "you're the only person I know who uses a Playbook/Blackberry." I don't ever feel as though I need to defend any of my purchases. The main thing I purchased my Playbook for is for the Bridge functionality and the ability to use my phone's data plan when Wi-Fi isn't available because I got fed up listening to salespeople trying to convince me to buy a separate data plan on the other tablets. And don't get me started about the "RIM is dead, RIM is done, la-dee-dah" BS. I don't want to hear it. IF something happens to RIM and they miraculously go under and Blackberries are no longer made, I will find the next thing to use. But until then, I will continue to use Blackberry because it is what suits me. I rather enjoy being the only so-called "loyal Blackberry fan" amongst my friends. Doesn't bother me one bit. Say what you want, use what you want, and leave it at that.

    OP, sorry for all of your troubles with the Playbook. I'm glad that you're enjoying your iPad, as it seems like the right/better choice for you. Perhaps you didn't need to really defend the Playbook as much as you should have, but hey, as long as you're happy with what you have now, then all's sunshine and rainbows.
    07-16-12 10:27 AM
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    I bought my Playbook about two weeks ago when I saw it for sale new for $169 at buy.com. I never heard of the Playbook before seeing the sale. I've been using an ipad for years, and android phones for years. I just got my pre-ordered nexus 7 Friday. The Nexus 7 is the best Android device I have ever used, as Jellybean rocks coupled with the quad core processor in the Nexus 7. Without reservation, I will suggest to anyone looking for a first-time 7" tablet to go for the Nexus 7.
    Why would you buy a PB when you had the Nexus on order? Why do you recommend the Nexus over the PB? The OP echoes my concerns with my PB, though he doesn't even get into the very glitchy native email (crashes multiple times a day, forcing repeated and lengthy reboots; also takes forever to delete emails, much much longer than on my ipod).
    07-16-12 11:46 AM
  10. brianatbb's Avatar
    For the users that have to come on here boasting that their playbook is garbage and that one with one button is better then go on get the out of here!!!!!!! Personally sounds like the id10t user error in full swing. Admit it you were too damn cheap to buy the maxipad to start but felt the urge to follow the sheep. Well then go join your damn herd and leave us in the blackberry universe alone and happy. Dont let the door hit your a*s on the way out!!!!!!!!!
    Don't forget your meds today.
    07-16-12 11:49 AM
  11. schugh's Avatar
    I love my 64GB playbook. I really do which I bought when it was on sale for $299.
    I love the OS and fell in love with it when I tried it out. Making use of the bezel to wake up from standby etc is brilliant and it has excellent loud speakers. The screen is sharp and vibrant.

    Sadly, I am trying to sell it off, but no one is interested even at my low price, and so it sits on my shelf. I wake it up occasionally and after a few minutes heave a heavy sigh and put it back and wished it could have aspired to something more.

    My mistake was that I also bought the Transformer Prime at the same time and I bought the Playbook to have a portable alternative and I convinced myself that as long as I have a few basic apps on the Playbook it will be fine. I've sideloaded Kindle and a few other Android apps and they work OK for the most part. And yet, even though it's a slick tablet, the fun of using it just isn't happening for me because of the lack of apps. I am not an app junkie and I really didn't think that it would have mattered to me but somehow after 6 months, not having the choices seems to detract from an overall experience. Sideloading apps gives you some options but really that's not something I like having to do.

    I think it's similar to maybe living in a small city vs a larger city. Someone living in a larger city may not use all the amenities and choices of what you can do in the city, but most would still not prefer to move to a smaller city because of the "there's nothing to do here" syndrome even though you don't really do much in the larger city which also has other drawbacks.

    In that regard of just an overall tablet experience I just use my Transformer Prime.
    But since no one is buying my unit, I sit in the hope that app developers and Blackberry will somehow fulfill it's potential.
    07-16-12 12:08 PM
  12. brianatbb's Avatar
    Absolutely not that this shows the PB has flaws with it. Sorry, but this a basic solution to any software out there right now.. whether it be Microsoft or Apple OS. Software can get corrupted and this is not only limited to the PB but all other devices.. I even had to wipe my kid's itouch because things got buggy on it... Your argument doesn't hold water. I have 2 playbook at home.. My wife's and mine and both are rock solid and I've never had to wipe ever. It was only a suggested solution based on other non-RIM platforms.
    I've owned computers since 1987 (granted the first, a laptop, had no hard drive), an ipod and a PB. I have never had to wipe any of them except possibly the PB, which suffers from buggy email that might be fixed that way if I want to go through the entire process of backing up 56 gigs of data and apps and reinstalling it all. Even then it might not help, so that's why I haven't done so. Point being, wiping is not something you should expect to have to do on computers, but many many PB owners apparently have to go through it for some odd reason(s).
    07-16-12 12:09 PM
  13. I am JT's Avatar
    If you have read the rest of his post, you will see he did.
    Lol, I did read the rest of his post. That is the only reponse it deserved in my opinion. He doesn't want help.

    I don't share his experience and I doubt he would care to hear about how useful and reliable the PlayBook has been for me. I suppose I could rant about what a great device I think it is but then, I don't feel the need to justify my decisions to a bunch of people that can do nothing about them.

    I do wonder about one thing regarding his rant. I wonder if the folks at RIM have heard from him directly or if he actually thinks that they give more weight to anonymous rants on internet message boards?
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    07-16-12 12:26 PM
  14. rcm1301's Avatar
    Absolutely not that this shows the PB has flaws with it. Sorry, but this a basic solution to any software out there right now.. whether it be Microsoft or Apple OS. Software can get corrupted and this is not only limited to the PB but all other devices.. I even had to wipe my kid's itouch because things got buggy on it... Your argument doesn't hold water. I have 2 playbook at home.. My wife's and mine and both are rock solid and I've never had to wipe ever. It was only a suggested solution based on other non-RIM platforms.
    How many times do you have to wipe (factory reset) your computer to fix 'bugs'? I am not talking about a virus or drive failure. I am talking about the common problems found on the PB. Never. So your reasoning that it is common with 'software' doesn't hold water. PB is the only tablet device I know where every second troubleshooting threat's suggestion is to wipe the device and start from beginning again. Pathetic!
    07-16-12 01:17 PM
  15. Chaddface's Avatar
    It's odd that there is such a difference in experience between users of the same product. My PB has never required a wipe. My email is not buggy. It just works all the time. The only problem I have ever had were freezes which were fixed by a restart. That has happen 5-6 times since April of last year.
    07-16-12 01:27 PM
  16. janeka's Avatar
    hey Guys, Girls,

    Like my post title says, I'm sick of defending this tablet. I've been a avid user and supporter of this tablet since I picked it up Jan 2012. Since that time I have been waiting for improvements, updates, to fix the well apparent UX, functional, and technical issues with this device that I have documented and conditioned myself to ignore. I even convinced a coworker to pick one up because I touted its value and features versus other tablets, and when he tried to initialize it for the first time at work, he bricked it at the installation screen! The Technical Architect was overseeing the process and let's just say he wasn't the only one laughing. I had to manually set it up through desktop manager via USB for him. Also, The core group of friends who first introduced me to this tablet have since moved on, and when asked if one would like to BB video chat ,I got the following response, "I don't use that Piece of Sh!te anymore!" The others have since moved on to other devices.

    I installed the 2.1 beta hoping for the MINIMUM improvements to the browser and there was nothing outside of the IMAP email / connection....yes, emails actually don't come in 3 hours late anymore! I keep reading comments on how this is such a great tablet, but I really can't see how one can be so blind, have confidence using this device to be productive, or how an I.T department would ever put its faith in introducing this device into a company's information eco system? How can one be productive when industry leading apps are not available, the native software is extremely weak and unorganizable, the browser is glitchy, slow, checkerboards, crashes, unreliable and has been since day one, the UX mechanism for selecting/manipulating text seems to have a mind of it's own. I can go on and on about the software and no eco system, but that's where other companies are getting it right and RIM frankly has already lost. I was so hoping to have a BB10 version on the PB by 3rd 4th quarter this year but alas, another delay.

    That all being said, and with the glum outlook, how in your right mind would you ever advise someone to buy this device, especially with Nexus 7 and the projected iPad Mini coming to market BEFORE BB10!

    I'll continue using my PB but I can no longer advocate for it. Sorry for the rant but trying to use it this morning on this very site, and not being unable to(had to use my laptop) was the last straw.

    RIM didnt ask you to defend they product you did that on your own now you come here to complain about something youve done and think were your shrink thats ludacris. And where is the ipad mini? do you have a inventory link of this? if not why speak on something you have no info on? this is below sad i think i will be leaving crackberry all they do on this site is complain about stupidity jesus.
    07-16-12 01:47 PM
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