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    I'm so glad that someone finally raised this point in a forum topic.

    When I buy just about any device, I tend to look it up online. Today, for any device you want to buy, by the time it hits the shelves, you can find many reviews, both written and video, telling you all of the pros and cons, showing you how it works, and even comparing it to other 'comparable' devices on the market.

    I prefer to spend my time up front evaluating what it is I want to buy and, more importanly, determining from what's said or written about the device, as well as what my particular set of definied needs are, which device makes most sense for me to buy.

    I can see the frustration of people who bought a Playbook at launch, because they bought based more on promises and not real-life experiences. But that's the pitfall of being an early adoptor. My real confusion is with people who bought it this past December based on price drops. It's not like there weren't a gazillion reviews, videos, and threads just like this one.

    When I joined this site, I had already been a Blackberry user for quite some time. I made my first post because I had a question about how to do something on my Curve 8830 that I couldn't figure out myself. I found that my question was responded to quickly and correctly. I began reading through the forums and found many nice people being very helpful and continued to check in here on a regular basis. At that time, there were many people complaining about phone rebooting, white screens, delays in getting software updates, and the likes.

    But recently, it's different. Every device has its own unique quirks. Check device-specific forums and you'll see a mix of complements and complaints. The main difference, as I see it, is that RIM products are niche devices and everyone who owns them don't fall into the niche.

    Right now, if you own a BB phone, a Playbook is a great companion device. If you don't, then it's just another wifi tablet. There are technical capabilities that make the Playbook shine (wifi file transfer, multitasking, and the fluidity of the UI). But if you're a consumer who simply said, "hey, that Playbook is now $200.00 so I'll give it a try." Not knowing exactly what it is and diving in based on price is not always the best approach.

    People here are airing their frustration at functionality that is supposed to be here but is not. That's OK. People are also complaining about functionality that was never promised, and that irks me. There is not device that does everything everyone wants (until the iPad renders Flash on websites and comes in a 7" form factor presumably). Every device will generate it's own list of owner complaints.

    Since the iPad mini is not out yet (or even announced), the tablet-du-jour seems to be the Nexus 7. At the same price point, I still would go with the Playbook for one simple reason. The Nexus 7 has no rear-facing camera. This was a big omission as far as I am concerned because I use my Playbook to scan QR codes and then bridge to my phones internet connection so that I can look up product/services information where I don't have a wifi connection. That's a show stopper for me with that device.

    Everyone has issues with devices. I feel bad for anyone who went into their Playbook purchase either misinformed or under-educated. I feel that these people deserve a place to vent their frustration. But my frustration is in having other people's frustration scattered among hundreds of threads making it difficult to simply look for a solution to a problem or simply follow an interesting train of thought without having the topic get derailed.

    Maybe we need a separate forum in which people can do all of the complaining and bashing they want. I just want to see cleaner threads. We've got a pretty hefty wait ahead of us before BB10 hits. But in the meantime, we're going to see 2.1 at some point (hopefully soon). With a lot of time with no news, speculative threads have turned into threads like this and it doesn't surprise me.

    There's no mistaking what the contents of a thread titled "I'm tired of defending this tablet" is about. I know what I'm in for when I click the thread to read it. I just wish that these could be consolodated and that threads about real topics of importance to people wouldn't turn into similar discussions.
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    07-15-12 01:15 PM
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    Much as I have a vague sympathy for you and your sympathisers rantification (nothing irritates me more than software not doing as it should), I feel that you may be demanding more of your device than is reasonable.

    However, I am in no way an expert, therefore I shall restrict myself to the only proper and informed reply:

    07-15-12 01:40 PM
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    WHAAAAAH!!!!!! Boo hoo i'm sick and tired of all the wining and complaining!!!....the grass isn't any greener on the other side i've used some of the other tablets and there's plenty to complain about there to so sit back relax have a drink and be thankful it could be a whole lot worse
    07-15-12 01:54 PM
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    In my city we have one cellular provider. For work, all my data, forms, and documents needed are online access only. I needed a tablet that could connect to the Internet without just wifi. I had a bb 9800 with a data plan and did not want to get another plan for a tablet.
    Enter the playbook. I work off my 9800 data plan flawlessly and save about $80 per month.
    I won an ipad 3 as a prize in June and yes, it is nice. It flows well, fun to use, but big and bulky for my use. I still travel with my playbook regularly and the pad stays at home. I am happy with both. Both have short comings and both have pros. I am glad we live with the freedom of choice and the luxury of competition.
    Without those, we'd still be paying $100 per mb of computer memory! Not all tablets can be an ipad. Apple has patent rights. But if everyone only chose that one, it would be a lot more expensive for each of us. Monopolies do not make their products or services cheaper because they have you by the short and curries.
    I know, Like I said, we have one cellular provider.
    07-15-12 02:18 PM
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    I got a playbook in November of 2011. It worked great for a few month then completed died.

    I called RIM, got an RMA and they sent me a brand new playbook.

    I love my playbook. I'm not tired of defending it.
    07-15-12 02:28 PM
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    I have to agree with all the negative comments. I still use my Playbook on a daily basis but really at this point it is no more than a a very expensive (I paid 500 for mine on release day) web browsing device and honestly it doesn't even do that very well. There is a web page I use for work where I can go in manage my benefits, 401k stuff, check and print paystubs. It is pretty sad when the browser on my 9930 handles this website with no problem but my playbook won't even let me log in.

    Android apps are slow, buggy, and the app player locks up and the only way to get it to work again is a 5 minute reboot.

    File and bookmark system a joke. I could go on... everyone who has had it for any length of time knows its shortcomings...or they are just blind.

    Honestly I hate this device as is but its all I have at the moment and even if I do go out and buy a Nexus 7 I'm keeping the Playbook. I've invested way to much money and time not to see this thing through to BB10. Hope RIM makes it worth it.

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    07-15-12 02:55 PM
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    The only time I have to defend my PlayBook is when one of the kids is begging me to use it...

    I'm using it, go get your mother's...
    07-15-12 04:16 PM
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    I have several serious complaints about my playbook! BUT:

    I got first PB full price, second $300 less and have enjoyed them for hours daily. What do I enjoy?

    Very fast browser! I can find answer to almost any question imaginable within 3 minutes using browser. I leave on Standby so only have to type in password to start.

    7 inch size lets me use it at restaurants & many now have wifi.

    Internet access thru 9700 has been greatly improved.

    I love beta testing so I see the improvements, and mistakes sooner.

    Reading novels works fine for me & It is my Bible at Church.

    Perfect - NO! Want fixes & improvements faster - Yes.

    RIMM has taken on a risky path to preserve their security superiority! I thank them for that!

    The only real competition in the future is Microsoft, not Apple.

    I wouldn't give up my PB for full refunds!
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    07-15-12 04:22 PM
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    Like my post title says, I'm sick of defending this tablet...
    OK then stop.
    07-15-12 04:46 PM
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    "I'm tired of defending this tablet" -- well I'M tired of reading threads like this.
    Somebody forced you to read this?

    I for one like to read negative as well as positive things about a topic/items as 'knowledge is power', which makes me a more intelligent and better consumer.
    07-15-12 04:50 PM
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    OK then stop.
    If you have read the rest of his post, you will see he did.
    07-15-12 04:52 PM
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    now i know what they mean when they say any person from age 5-90 can use the ipad without issues.
    So true... the same cannot be said about the PB.
    07-15-12 04:54 PM
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    I love my playbook, i just wish we had some native apps like bb maps and bb traffic.
    07-15-12 04:56 PM
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    Somebody forced you to read this?

    I for one like to read negative as well as positive things about a topic/items as 'knowledge is power', which makes me a more intelligent and better consumer.
    I agree, reading all views helps make for a more informed customer, but this is just a b!tch fest. All he's doing is repeating crap we've already heard. He could very easily go into an existing thread and voice his concerns.

    The amount of people who starts a BRAND NEW thread just to say "I thought this was better" or "It never got better" or "I'm not happy with it" or "Bye Bye!" is disgusting. Do your research BEFORE you buy and if you don't like it, return it! Don't make an informed decision and then come on here and complain about a mistake YOU made. If all you're going to do here is talk about your hate for the brand and pull down the environment for everyone else, please, show yourself the door.

    There is a group of us who live by these products and always will, myself included, we don't want, no, we don't NEED the negative spin of people who are unhappy with their uninformed purchase.
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    To the OP,

    Use whatever device tickles your fancy... it's your choice and your choice alone.. you really don't have to post your reasons here because it doesn't mean anything.

    However, if you were an individual not affected by peer pressure, try to rationally justify your tablet needs to yourself - lay out all the device specs and functions and review the following to yourself:

    - price
    - efficiency (ie. multitasking, predictive texting)
    - portability
    - data plan effectiveness
    - reliable communication device
    - orgranizer
    - apps and gaming
    - overall usefulness
    - browser experience (flash importance?)
    - multimedia (taking pictures and video)
    - ebook reader
    - gps/mapping
    - interacing to different devices.. transfer of files
    - ease of use
    - can I pick up chicks with it? (if you consider this a need)
    - etc.

    and again .. and this is important ... justify to yourself which device maximizes your needs. Go with that one.. cause that's the one you've truly justified to yourself .. and not to others

    ..because in the end that what really matters and knowing that another individual's needs are most likely different from your own.

    PS: If more than one device satisfies your needs and you've got the money then buy em all.. it's great for the economy
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    07-15-12 05:03 PM
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    The only problem I ever have is the checkerboard in the browser when not fully loaded I could care less about what other people think to be honest I have had a few android tablets and by far like the pb just works for me will never have an apple product just don't like the company don't ask why just how I feel... When more big name devs get on board with blackberry things will be better
    07-15-12 05:05 PM
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    When I refer to "defend" I mean to explain my purpose or what was my motivating factor in purchasing this tablet. When we buy something we are making a choice, and there is an attraction that made us finalize this decision. Whether we like it or not, when you purchase something, it is an intent of supporting a product / company, and I'd like to think that if people question your decision for purchasing an item, you 'd have an ample response or reasoning to "defend" to your decision. At this point I have few positives outside of the cheap price. This tablet is not "professional grade", it's not a "tool", it's a work in progress that needs serious attention. Our Tablet is developmentally disabled. Maybe POS is a bit harsh, but when you are trying to post comments like this on crackberry, and the the browser suddenly just closes, and then the second time you copy and paste your post in the text area and it only allows you to select text in the visible window, it's extremely frustrating. Not to mention browser crashes that require you to reboot because the browser icon is disabled. I literally could go on and on and on and on.

    The other posters are correct, at the $199 price point, for a 16 GB tablet, there was nothing else on the market, and this is one reason why myself and a lot of my friends purchased one. Funny how none of them use it now. However, knowing what I had known now, I would have used that money towards another device. I don't own a BB phone, so did RIM completely overlook consumers like myself? I mean, with that kind of decision making it's not hard to see why the company is in the predicament they are in. I guess caveat emptor at the end of the day. Fool me once.....

    I'm glad other posters are happy with their tablets, and as a consumption device, it's acceptable, but frankly anything other than surfing the web is a disaster. Ok, fine, open file transferring, video codec support, email has significantly improved, great. I love it for these things, but it fails me when I seem to need it to do the basic things.

    Anyhow, I'm gonna keep this bad boy till BB10 arrives or another update (if it ever does) and see if the issues are fixed. Until then, if someone asks me my thoughts about the PB, I'm gonna tell them the truth and NOT to buy it.
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    07-15-12 05:22 PM
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    I personally have had none of your problems. I may have the only Great PB ever sold . I purchased my 16gb PB used off EBay shortly after its release, I don't think I have even turned it off I just hit the stand by button. When my company's firewall blocks a site I just bridge to my Bold 9930. Sorry for not having complaints. Hum could it just be the users fault for all their problems ?
    07-15-12 05:26 PM
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    Sounds like your PlayBook has issues. Stuff is bad with RIM but not that bad.
    07-15-12 05:27 PM
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    Sounds like your PlayBook has issues. Stuff is bad with RIM but not that bad.
    I think it's poorly designed, architected, bad software. Sans QNX of course. QNX runs fighter jets and nuclear power stations
    07-15-12 05:29 PM
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    Several people have tried to make the point that your browser crashing issues are not the norm with most users. You should probably try a Backup, Security wipe and reload.
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    07-15-12 05:41 PM
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    What to defend eh. It surf the Internet, portable, plays music's, watch movies, play games and productive with the doc to go. I think it does everything a tablet should do eh. I think in the end it comes to preference.
    07-15-12 05:44 PM
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    Yeah.. me too! For me after the last upgrade my PB's been rock solid.. no issues here.. may need to wipe and start again
    07-15-12 05:45 PM
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    Yeah.. me too! For me after the last upgrade my PB's been rock solid.. no issues here.. may need to wipe and start again
    That is correct and maybe true in the OP case, BUT, Why is it even needed to wipe a tablet when it runs into 'issues'? That shows how 'unstable and flawed' the PB actually is. I also have a Xoom and iPad2, and NEVER had to wipe them!
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    07-15-12 05:49 PM
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    Did anyone know that the Playbook had better overall customer ratings on bestbuy.ca over the ipad2? This was just a couple of months ago when I checked. Just saying, these kinds of assessments by the OP don't really mean anything. There's always 2 sides
    to the story.

    EDIT: Just checked again.. The ipad2 has better overall scores than the new ipad.. Sidenote: no ipad scores are 4 stars and above.

    Playbook is over 4 stars at 4.4

    Very interesting.
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    07-15-12 05:53 PM
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