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    [HTML] http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/08/02/us-rim-playbook-idUSBRE8710R120120802[/HTML]

    This the most dry article ever! Did this so-called journalist even bother to dive into the specs or do some research? We should write his article for him. We probably know more.
    08-02-12 10:50 AM
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    For someone with his background, he actually did pretty good...

    "Euan Rocha covers mining and minerals in Canada, where he focuses on gold, base metals and fertilizer companies. Euan, who is currently based in Toronto, has previously worked with Reuters in the United States and India. While based in New York for four years, Euan headed the Reuters Alerts team, before moving on to cover the U.S. chemical industry. Euan began his career with Reuters in Bangalore, India in 2004."
    08-02-12 10:56 AM
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    I think you're missing the point. He labels other smartphones "sexy". This article has biased opinion written all over.
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    08-02-12 11:08 AM