1. cdelcampo216's Avatar
    So. I am going to apologize in advance for asking this instead of "Searching through the forums" but I need help NOW. Lately, my PlayBook has been running really sluggishly.

    I have a few Android apps that I have Sideloaded on it, but I can't even get my Vista machine to recognize it & Sideloading from a Mac is a Pain in the Ar$e.

    So, like I do with all my device, I figure that I've had it since December, it's time for a fresh slate.

    Here are my questions...

    #1 - If I BACKUP my PB, & wipe it, will I have all my bookmarks again?
    #2 - Will my Android apps be completely removed?
    #3- Do I just Reset my BB ID & My Apps will re-down load?
    #4 - Do I need to pay for the apps that I have purchased again?



    07-26-12 09:30 PM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    I am pretty sure your bookmarks will be restore. If you wipe, it should be back to "like new." A debrick might be a more fully clean up.

    You will have to manually download apps again (unless you do a full back and then a full restore).

    If an app has changed price since your purchase, you may have to pay the upgrade fee.

    Manually backup photos, videos, voice notes or any other unique data or files using drag/drop.

    Make sure you unit is fully charged.
    07-26-12 10:31 PM
  3. apengue1's Avatar
    When I restore my playbook from a full backup, it is literally in the exact state i left it in before the wipe. It seems to save all application data, save points, bookmarks, you name it. BUT, i do not have any sideloaded apps, and so I dont know if you may have to sideload them again. Come to think about it, im not sure if youll be able to restore or successfully backup if you have any sideloads. Unless you dont back up your apps, too. I really am not sure about the last part so I'm hoping someone with more knowledge can answer that part more thoroughly.

    From experience, though, my fully legit official os playbook restores very nicely from a backup, I dont even notice any changes.
    07-26-12 10:40 PM
  4. ralfyguy's Avatar
    I once did a wipe and full restore, but none of my email accounts were restored. I had to set them all up from scratch.
    07-26-12 10:43 PM