1. kjm2010's Avatar
    I don't think its out there, but from my perspective the ideal docking station would include:

    1. Keyboard
    2. Trackpoint /touchpad
    3. SD or USB port
    4. VGA out adapter (would be okay if you have to plug into the micro hdmi separately)
    5. Infrared port (for TV/Game controller Remote control app)
    6. RJ45 Network Port (for those hotels you "don't know until you get there" that STILL don't have wireless in their rooms)
    7. Audio Out (stereo would be nice)

    Did I Miss anything?

    Not sure the PB has the horsepower, or BT connectivity bandwidth to run all that, but would be nice...keeping in mind this post is just a Wish List!

    What would you be willing to pay for all this?
    05-06-11 06:34 AM
  2. Jean-luc_Picard's Avatar
    I'm curious, why the audio out? The PlayBook speakers are amazing. I know there are better, but I've only really seen better in home theaters and such, which is clearly not what you had in mind if stereo speakers was preferred, not required. Other than that, it looks like a great list. I'd like if the touchpad had the option to do bezel swipes on it instead of having to right-click, but I guess since it's a dock I could easily do it on the Playbook itself!
    05-06-11 06:41 AM
  3. kjm2010's Avatar
    I'm curious, why the audio out
    Audio out is a minor functionality, but using a VGA projector for presentations in larger rooms, it would be nice to plug in the audio to the meeting room. The stereo would be when also used with home entertainment.

    I like your bezel swipe idea.
    05-06-11 06:56 AM
  4. Mark PPG's Avatar
    Fold-able would be a necessity also. I'm not so sure about the trackpad idea :-) I could live without that to keep the size down.

    Oh and we should say that it must be reasonably priced! Some of these PB accessories are WAY over-priced!

    But yeah, right on! Someone HAS to make one of these eventually.
    05-06-11 07:34 AM