07-02-12 08:57 AM
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  1. rvision's Avatar
    RIM should have built a secure container that could have been installed on any mobile platform, Good did it with 1millionth of the budget rim would have had. But instead that got involved in a hardware battle with bigger and better competitors that have successfuly wiped the floor with them. Firms that are dependent on BB for secure email are already reviewing contingency plans to mitigate the risk for rims ultimate demise. In my opinion it wont be long until rim is a licensed software company owned by google MS or apple.
    07-01-12 03:38 AM
  2. califlefty's Avatar
    BB10? New tablets? Seriously people it's time to wake up and smell the coffee, RIM is totally irrelavant to the future of tech and mobile devices. You may wish to read the article in todayw NYT tech section about cloud computing and think about how RIM fits in
    07-01-12 11:37 AM
  3. erhan8's Avatar
    I love it! RIM pushes BB10 back a few months and they come out of the wood work. Haters gonna hate.

    When BB10 releases you'll all be back and you know it. As much as it kills you to admit it when RIM knocks it out of the park, you will all be back singing the praises like nothing ever happened and you were right here all along .Because thats what you do. Those of you stuck in a plan with no hardware update in sight will be frustrated and envious more than any. Point to the media all you want. We all know 99 percent of them are tech deficient boneheads, who blindly push android and apple products to the masses so their views are just that, how THEY see it. No I think I'll stick around because I for one can see BB10 for what it is and will be. Now, at least, I can say I told u so.
    07-02-12 01:24 AM
  4. sportline's Avatar
    tablets doesn't work well so RIM will have to try making sleeping pills..
    07-02-12 04:20 AM
  5. cgk's Avatar
    I think people at RIM are doing too many tablets - oh wait... I misread the title.

    If there really is a market for a 'professional' only tablet and I doubt that there is - RIM are not going to beat Windows in that marketplace. Leaving aside the technical aspects, people are confident that Microsoft will stick exist come 2014, people are doubtful RIM will exist come the end of 2013.
    07-02-12 04:47 AM
  6. sportline's Avatar
    microsoft exists for a long time, but windows mobile, 6.5, 7.5 doesn't exist for very long. not many people know about HP slate.
    i am selling my lumia 900..marketplace is no better than appworld. thought it would be good, but no. nowhere near android or ios or rim/my 9900.
    07-02-12 05:10 AM
  7. BBplaybookJS's Avatar
    This may seem surprising given the latest delays, but I think there is still a niche for a blackberry tablet - provided it is reasonably developed of course.

    I think the original mistake was to sell the playbook as a consumer device with a marginal os. Tablets are all about apps, and there was no way they could compete with Ios or Android.

    However there is a need for professional tablets, and in such a case the fact that there are few leisure apps might become a plus, in the same way as in your office or lab you appreciate not having a gaming console.

    For this two characteristics should be developed :

    - A BB with core "serious" applications already built in and remarkably integrated into the os : videoconference, gps navigation, pim.... An by that I mean an offer superior to the competition, not what we have now

    - A app market cleaned of all "not serious" apps, where the presence of a few carefully selected games would be a plus but not essential, and the main room would be kept for professional apps : medical, engineering...

    It would be too long to describe all professional needs, but there is a professional world where working with "something else than the angry birds thingie" might be appreciated.

    I agree with you regarding Appworld it is an embarrassment, but in my opinion the Playbook has most of the rest of what you long for, when bridged with a BlackBerry phone, as originally intended
    07-02-12 07:51 AM
  8. BBplaybookJS's Avatar
    Rather than attacking those who disagree with you as "subversive trolls" you should look at the numbers - the Playbook is a disaster which has drained RIM dry. Waiting for an OS upgrade to make it rock is a joke.

    RIM *was* known for their phones. They are not known for their weak tablet offering. 260,000 units shipped in the quarter. Ooh - that's enough to cause people to say "hey, maybe I won't buy an iPad or Kindle Fire for a tablet with limited applications".

    PlayBook can be described as a disaster in terms of marketing etc. Weak? It remains the best mobile computing platform available, more than a year after its release.
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    07-02-12 07:58 AM
  9. FF22's Avatar
    PlayBook can be described as a disaster in terms of marketing etc. Weak? It remains the best mobile computing platform available, more than a year after its release.
    An analogy - the pb is still a grape waiting for someone to stomp on it and make it a fine wine!
    07-02-12 08:57 AM
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