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  1. vegetto_456's Avatar
    I used to use this app in the past, but the newest version doesn't work on Playbook anymore. After starting up the app it gives a crashing keyboard error.

    This is the app:

    It is a study question bank and I would love to be able to use it on my playbook instead of my Z30. It would mean a lot to me if someone would help me get this up and running =)
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    06-23-16 05:47 PM
  2. conite's Avatar
    The latest version requires Android 4.0 and above. PlayBook runs Android 2.3.3.

    You will have to find a much older version.

    Edit: I found an old version and converted it for you. Give it a try:
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    06-23-16 06:31 PM
  3. vegetto_456's Avatar
    The latest version requires Android 4 and above. PlayBook runs Android 2.3.

    You will have to find a much older version.
    Ah I see, thank you! Unfortunately only the latest version of the app can access the servers and content so looks like I am SOL. Thanks anyway
    06-23-16 06:37 PM

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