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    I had to send my PlayBook to RIM to have them repair it or replace it because it all of a sudden would shut off and not hold a charge (after having it run perfectly since June).

    Well I dropped my PlayBook off about 8 hours ago at a FedEx location, and I have to say, being without it brings on that exact same feeling of emptiness that you get when your BlackBerry dies. Is it pathetic that a feeling of emptiness sets in due to a device made of glass, metal, and rubberized plastic not being with you? Probably. I'm not really looking forward to lugging around my MacBook for the next couple days, and using EXTRA data due to it being tethered to my BlackBerry not Bridged like my PlayBook is. I miss Slacker Radio, Blaq, SpiderMan, Asphalt6, Need For Speed, and yes, Angry Birds (I'm hoping my backed up data includes all my game stats, or AT LEAST my Angry Birds data because I have a sick obsession with getting 3 stars on every level before I move to the next).

    I don't use my PlayBook for anything professional whatsoever, let me be perfectly clear. In fact, I'm a member of the very market that RIM has lost (some might say never had) and is trying to round up: a regular consumer in their 20's. Aside from replying to emails (mainly from family, friends, and CrackBerry telling me that someone has replied to a thread I've commented on), I pretty much use my PlayBook as my computer. I do like my MacBook, it has OS X Lion, it has iCloud so all the photos that iDon't take with my iPod touch and its sh1tty little camera could theoretically show up on alllll the Apple devices that iDont have because iDont want them....I just prefer using my PlayBook for pretty much everything.

    The Domino's Pizza tracker shows up beautifully (I don't need your app, Domino's, the PlayBook's browser displays the interactive build-a-pizza and the tracker...these things are of the utmost importance). Whenever I shop online for clothes, the PlayBook has yet to fail me when it comes to loading a brand's website (animations and all). Calling 411 or Googling the name of a restaurant or store is a thing of the past, as I usually open up Poynt on my PlayBook and LAZILY click "Dial On Phone" because why do more work than I have to? Reading in bed with the PlayBook locked in portrait mode is the first thing I do when I wake up, and the last thing I do at night. You name it, the PlayBook has literally snuck itself into my everyday life without me noticing...until it's not with me for a few days.

    Now, I'm kind of compulsively pasting my FedEx tracking number from my Memo Pad into the FedEx site on my 9900's browser, and I see that my PlayBook has made it from L.A. to Tennessee. The last time I can remember wanting time to pass this quickly was the week leading up to the launch of the 9900 on T-Mobile.

    Sorry for this longwinded and ultimately pointless rant. But with all the tech sites and analysts etching RIM's gravestone, and my friends and even family members sending me or showing me RIM-Is-Dead articles, RIM still has me feeling like a serious addict when it comes to wanting their products (upcoming/unreleased ones, or the ones I've sent off to be repaired). Scary part is, I don't ever see me NOT wanting their stuff...
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    02-07-12 02:27 AM
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    I feel for you. I would miss my playbook bigtime if I had to send it in.
    02-07-12 04:44 AM
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    I feel you big time! Had mine stolen 2 weeks ago and its pretty much affected every area of my life, most notably my spiritual life because i have lots of bible versions, books and study aids on it. I didn't realize how those games really help to ease the occasional work pressure, but now i know. Good thing is i've bought another one, a 64Gb this time and a 16GB to pacify the wife, but its been in transit for a couple of weeks with my brother in law who was in the US during the sales, hopefully he'll come in this weekend!
    02-07-12 06:49 AM
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    This is becoming serious, may be we should start a cold turkey thread for people who are disconnected from a BB device, unvoluntarily...
    02-07-12 07:01 AM
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    Angry Birds (I'm hoping my backed up data includes all my game stats, or AT LEAST my Angry Birds data because I have a sick obsession with getting 3 stars on every level before I move to the next).
    Me 2. Hope you don't lose that.
    02-07-12 07:46 AM